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Think Ruby is slow? Done some real benchmarks? Someone has: … esentation

Check out slides: 24-26, 33, 34, 37.

Merb, a Ruby framework, just as fast as PHP. Rails, faster than most PHP frameworks.

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But does it scale?

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Robert Evans wrote:

Rails, faster than most PHP frameworks.

That's because most PHP frameworks are bloated pieces of crap that you end up having to throw hardware at to get it to do what you want. It's mentioned every so often that PHP is actually a framework that sits on C based code.. so anything else on top of that would be like writing a framework on top of Ruby on Rails (sorta). Even Rasmus (PHP founder) thinks most frameworks for PHP are way overcomplicated but said he does like smaller ones like CodeIgnitor that basically is barebones and organizes your code into an MVC approach without adding in a bunch of overhead.

I think frameworks have their place and in PHP they have done wonders for new programmers to not have to worry about things such as writing mail scripts or login scripts and filtering input/output. it also helps them write the same type of code for their application which is good to help each other grow. But overall I think they are bloated and overcomplicated that in order to scale will have to be re-written or have more hardware thrown at them. And you end up with a bunch of sites/aps that end up looking like the examples that shipped with the framework becuase younger/intermediate programmers can't figure out how to use all the options that it provides.

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