Topic: Calendar Ideas?

Does anyone know of a good calendar solution for a church site. 

I know Google Calendar can integrate but I am looking for a really easy to use, good looking calendar script.

Any ideas?

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Re: Calendar Ideas?

Any particular language/framework?

I've never used it, but I like the looks of the jQuery datepicker ( … datepicker), but that's a datepicker, not a calendar.

Maybe backpack?

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Re: Calendar Ideas?

I know....for some reason it has been really hard to track down a good calendar script.  I have been looking for a couple of weeks....I thought it would be easy...thought there would be lots of choices.

I have seen quite a few but nothing that is really that great.  EasyPHPCalendar ( ) is about the best I can find.

Any one....please! 

Seems like there is a big hole in the market for something like this.

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Re: Calendar Ideas?

I agree about the lack decent 'self install' scripts. From the ones I've played with easyphp seems about the best.  Coming from left field slightly, there's:  although designed for bands, if you want a quick way if inserting a list of events, it might do the job...  I wonder if you could even use it for running the news back end for a basic static site...

For hosted/google cal type programs there's also:

For church specific (and pay for) there's: (which is a as good as google cal really...)
and there's also:  which is way more than a cal and a great program.  However, there is a church events cal in there that can be made public

When I was re-doing my Church site earlier in the year, I ended up going with google cal and use the jquery iframe plugin to make the html a bit nicer: … th-jquery/

I also chose to use the 'agenda view' as I think it looks nicer, here's the church page:

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Re: Calendar Ideas?

Thanks James....great links!

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