Topic: Textpattern help with personal blog site

I need some help with textpattern -- I just don't have the time to figure it all out myself.

THere are three things I really need done.

1) Site needs to be moved to a new domain name and hosting account. I know this is probably easy-peasy but I'm scared that changing the config settings will mess it up and don't know which order to change it all.

2) The CSS styles need to be tidied up a bit so I can update the colour-schemes more easily. At the moment I'm using trial-and-error to change each setting.

3) I need someone to use a plugin (probably ign_password_protect) to reconfigure the site so the blog is divided into three sections and displays the correct sections according to the user's access:
  a.  public - no password access
  b.  family - password access shows the public & family sections
  c.  private - password access shows the public, family & private sections.

Can you please contact me lauren (at) with estimates (time and $) for your assistance?

Thanks, Lauren