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I just moved to Rogers, AR and like after the wedding, school and all, money is super tight, but I am having the most trouble getting some clients. Any help would be nice. I seriously don't have any money to spend at all and I mean AT ALL. Like you would think, "How are they living with that kind of money right now." That's it's own story. Anyway I got my new portfolio up and all, but that hasn't helped. I also have been calling up other web design company/agencies around the area and haven't been getting any luck with that. I have gotten offers from others, but when I return their calls/emails, I get no response. I just need some advice right now. I have an hourly job, but wont get paid for three weeks. This is also a prayer as well.

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It could be worth giving this a try: … contracts/

I've found local business contacts the best way of getting new business.  Get a relationship with a few locals and if they like you, they'll tell their friends and ...

I know this might seem tough being a new location and all, but it could also help you get to know the neighbourhood and some people around and abouts.

If you not already get some, I'd also get a reseller account with a decent host. Being able to offer hosting to clients can be a way of having a continual income after you've finished the site!

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This has been asked in the forum several times and I stand by my usual response: There's not much you can do... Cold calling might work, but you'll find yourself looking for work more often than actually doing any work... Don't waste your time and money buying advertising

Get a portfolio up, make yourself known on the web (by answering forum posts, commenting on blogs, there's a few free freelance listings out there). That will help your rating on the search engines and people will find your site that way... Another big one, which was probably the biggest boost for me is to get your site listed on a CSS Gallery somewhere... I got 1000 visitors (Which I'm sure is peanuts for some, but much more than my typical 20 or so) in one day when it was listed.

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