Topic: Up for renewal - - want it? is up for renewal. I don't have much use for it, but I'd like to keep it in the family. So....

Post up your idea for what you'll do with The winner gets the domain free and clear - I'll even pay for the next year's registration. The rules are simple and dreadfully unfair: I get to pick the best idea and whether it's worthy or not smile. If I pick a winner, I'll initiate a domain transfer to your registrar account. That's it!

Let's get those ideas going... What would you do with

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Re: Up for renewal - - want it?

I'd add it to the 'domain pool' on ministrypool:  so it could then be used by lots of different groups.

That's my pitch wink

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Re: Up for renewal - - want it?

I've got an idea brewing that might mesh.  I've already got the domain though:  It's going to be a google mashup showing pins on the globe for the location of missionaries you want to follow.  My thinking is that either a church or the missionaries themselves can update it with the latest updates/prayer requests/etc so anybody who is interested could see it.  Nothing done on it yet other than a few ideas on paper and an empty domain.  Eventually I'd like to have it display and rotate the globe based on your local time ala xearth.

I don't really need, but thought I'd share a similar idea.

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