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You know how on the main page of GodBit has a small section where you can see the most recent topics from the forum? How can I do that? I am not trying to steal anything, but it makes it easier for the users who have slower connections to be able to just get to the topic right away.

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Other then Show recent posts?

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Well I guess so. It shows up on the main page. This way if someone goes to on the side they will be able to see the most recent posts.

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You could just run a query on your forum database and print those out. For the Godbit forums we are using PunBB and there is actually a file that we can pass a query string to, in order to get return some results and we then use a set of PHP functions in the cURL library to bring display the results returned from that file. But as I initially mentioned you can just query the forum database.Since you are using phpBB. Perhaps if you check around someone may have done something similar and can give you more specific instructions for that forum software.

Hope that helps.

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