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I am a full-time freelance web designer. I have several clients who require ongoing maintenance and support and would like to offload some of that work to another freelancer.

The sites are either HTML, PHP, or a combination of the two. Nothing real complicated. I am also doing some recent development with CodeIgniter if that interests you.

Mostly I need someone who can create graphics in Photoshop, update HTML content, etc.  Some of this is fairly basic, some requires some creativity. I am hoping to find a "partner" who I can use regularly. As is the case for most clients, much of the maintenance work has tight turn-around times (1-5 days).

I don't do Flash at all. Maybe you do, that's ok ;-)

I pay all invoices upon receipt, and am pretty accessible. I just have too many projects I'm trying to juggle and would like some help!

Please send me links to your work and your hourly rate and I'll see if we can hammer something out.

Here's a link to my site (I don't actively market my work btw as I am always busy...):

Email me at ethan at dunhamdesign dot com.



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Re: Freelancer who needs a freelancer

Exchanged e-mails with Ethan, and he's looking for a full-time freelancer. Anyone interested?

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Re: Freelancer who needs a freelancer

I think I found who I was looking for. Thanks for giving me your eyeballs!