Topic: How to handle donations through Paypal?

So right now, the Anchorage Children's Home site is basically finished, except for one thing, Paypal. I am having some trouble making a donation. They want a Donation link right on the navigation. I would rather make a page for it, then have a link to navigation, because I don't link having external links in my navigation, and I would have to go create an image just for that one link. What should I do? Here is the current donation page.

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Re: How to handle donations through Paypal?

For some reason the image area is showing up on the left for that page instead of on the right. From my experience I like to set up a donation page, because it allows me to explain a bit more in detail what your donations are going towards and showing that we are legit. You know what I mean?

Re: How to handle donations through Paypal?

Yeah, I agree Adrian. I have really made an image or anything yet for it, just was wondering what to do about it.