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I'm working with, who is also doing business in China. I just heard from my guy who is in China now, and said that is showing an error when he tries to access it from within China. But it's okay here. He will get back to me with the specific error that is given.

Does anyone know anything about this? Could China be blocking the host (Hostgator)?


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It could well the be great firewall of China in action I'm afraid.  They do seem to have the habit of blocking all sorts of sites for no apparent reason...  If there's another site that cn deems 'unsuitable' on the same shared hosting/ip they can certainly get blocked.

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Could it be that associated Hostgator sites with the same IP address or a range of IP addresses are being blocked? It's not a dedicated IP address. And would having a dedicated IP address solve the problem?

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PARoss -- I'm not sure about the cause of the blockage, but just wanted to say it's good to see ya on the forum again.

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As far as possible solutions, if the Chinese gov't has blocked Host Gator as a whole, you might need to switch hosts. The fix could be as simple as just getting a dedicated IP though. Unfortunately, it's anybody's guess as to what criteria they are blocking.

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I was going to suggest checking to see if the site was blocked, but it seems the site doesn't provide accurate results anymore, so they closed it down.

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Maybe try getting your contact in China to access other sites hosted by Hostgator?  They could possibly blocking that host or an IP range from that host, or it could just be that one domain.  who knows!

Also, perhaps get them to run a traceroute on your domain.