Topic: Dynamic links within Flash

My company has developed a number of sites that have a spotlight-type of functionality. Basically, the website admin can pick from a library of images (e.g. animated GIFs) and then specify a link applied to that image. They save changes, and the linked image appears on their homepage.

However, we're in the process of adding Flash into the mix. The backend functionality doesn't change -- as far as the admin is concerned, they do the exact same process. And we've been able to get it to work, except for one glaring issue.

If you check out this site, and click on the animated spotlight, you'll be taken to this URL: … ces%2Ehtml

The issue is the query string that appears after the question mark. Try as we might, we can't find a way to remove it, and this is causing havoc for some site owners when trying to link to dynamic sites.

Any ideas?

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Re: Dynamic links within Flash

Looks to me like you've solved it already.  I'm not seeing the query string on the address line.  Am I missing something?

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