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Well, it has come time for me to announce an exclusive preview of my upcoming freeware application called FlashFlood. What is FlashFlood? FlashFlood is a simple swf (Flash) file and an XML engine (Flood) created to make it easy to build full media players with just XML. I wanted a way to not have to touch Flash, but build audio players, video players, and other things. So, here is a FlashFlood document:

<flood:doc width="510" height="30">
	<flood:audioPlayer width="510" height="30" background="images/podcast_bg.png" autoplay="false">
		<!-- add play button //-->
		<flood:playBtn src="images/podcast_play_btn.png" pause="images/podcast_pause_btn.png" x="0" y="0" />
		<!-- add text scroll //-->
		<flood:textScroll scroll="false" width="390" height="16" x="40" y="6" font="Trebuchet MS" size="12" />
		<!-- add volume bar //-->
		<flood:volumeBar width="45" height="12" x="455" y="9" background="images/podcast_volume_bg.png" dragBar="images/podcast_volume_dragbar.png" />
		<flood:muteBtn src="images/podcast_mute_btn.png" x="439" y="9" />
		<!-- add file //-->
		<flood:file src="media/podcasts/jehovah_mekaddishkem.mp3" title="Jehovah Mekaddishkem" volume="50" />

With just that and this swf file, it creates the player seen on this page: The attached podcast is around 18 mb, so give it a sec to load (indicated by the name of the episode appearing in the player). I still need to add a few things to this for the audio player, including a loading indicator, an audio scrubber, and a few other things. All files are loaded dynamically, which means you have full control over the look and feel of it.

I will be adding a video player too, which will also give you all this control. This will be freeware, and I will be making documentation on it soon. At this point, though, if you wish to play with it (by downloading the swf), please beware there may be a few bugs.

Tell me if this is something you would use, what you think could/should be added, etc. Please?

Re: FlashFlood

MindFunk wrote:

once I clicked it I couldn't let it go and it didn't adjust the volume.

I think this is because it is a 3 pixel wide graphic, or it could be that you let go of it when you took your mouse out of the flash player area. I will look into it.

Also, I got the loading bar working now, and the code on the page is updated.