Topic: SlideShowPro + WordPress = Frustration

Hey friends - I am trying to get a SlideShowPro movie file into the header.php of a WordPress theme I designed. I tried the straight directions that came with SSP but that didn't work.

So next I tried the Kimili Flash Embed Plugin for WordPress ---- closer, but still no dice.

You can see what I have here:

The player shows up - but no pictures load. But the photos are there - here is the absolute link to the html file that got uploaded: … eshow.html

And the player is here: … deshow.swf

I just can't get the player into the header.php to work.

Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? Anyone know the easiest/best way to do this? They just wanted some photos in the header that would transition in and out like flash.



Re: SlideShowPro + WordPress = Frustration

Well hmmm... I regularly use SSP in WP with and without the kimili plugin. In fact I would only recommend that plugin if you are putting the movie in a post. Otherwise just get a nice simple Flash Object set of tags.

Generally we have to use absolute URL's on everything. Both in the movie and in the tags.

Umm... looking at your site, a picture did come up. Are they just huge or something?

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