Topic: Flash video problems in IE 6 and 7

I've got a site completed and the client is happy with it, except that in IE6 and 7 is sometimes gives a strange error "the operation has been aborted: or something like that and then it doesn't load the page.  I can attribute this to the flash video player that appears on the home page, so on the production site I've disabled the video for IE users, but I made a duplicate just for showing you guys to see if I can get some help.

I'm using the SWFobject to load in my flash, so this may actually be more of a javascript problem than a flash problem, I'm not sure yet.  Any help here is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Flash video problems in IE 6 and 7

It's probably the PNGfix script that's causing the problem. You might not be able to use those two together at the same time. Or at least not use SwfObject inside a div with the PNGfix applied...