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Looking to hear any thougths on a recently launched (today) website for a new church plant in Jacksonville, Florida. The church is less than 6 months old and desires to reach out to the non-church crowd. The goal of the site is to focus on the new visitor, while also providing more information for members (or seekers) through their blog.

Would love to hear what you think.


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^ Tweak those small errors, and I'd love to feature it in the gallery. Also, you might consider using this for your navbar menu...

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Nathan - thanks for the tip on the dashed borders, that was driving me crazy. I've updated that as well as the css file and it now validates. I would love for the church to be featured if possible. Thanks!

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Jon, the site looks great. It is well designed/developed for your target audience. Good Job!

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I really like the design!

One (very) small thing that I IE, if you alternately move your mouse between "thursday evening SOAK worship service" and any link in the footer, the footer moves a little. Hardly a big problem there, but (if repeated elsewhere) might mess with your mojo.


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Thanks for the comments. I'll take a look at the footer issue in IE.

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Great colors.  The headers are way cool.  I like the way the header's white border fades into the body of the site.  Very seamless and a cool use of white space.

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Great design , Jon.  Both beautiful and content oriented.  I love it!!!

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