Topic: Javascript/CSS Select menu with images

Okay... so I had a project that I needed to create a select menu that showed pictures of the products that one was choosing.  "Simple" I thought... I'll just use CSS to style the <option> tags.  BZZT! Wrong solution! After making everything look pretty in firefox, I tested it in IE7... ouch!  IE7 apparently doesn't let one style the <option> tags.  So... now to find a solution.  I instantly thought of suckerfish drop-downs... okay, somewhat taken care of... now, how do I make it look like a select field?  Long story short, I spent almost 4.5 hours (mainly troubleshooting the javascript that didn't want to work on both IE and FF at the same time) on this script and FINALLY made it /almost/ work.   The only thing that I didn't get working is that it opens on hover instead of on click.  If anyone can come up with a solution to that, I'd be most happy to hear it. 

All said, I didn't want to put 4 hours to waste - so I'm offering my script here:  For any developers or designers that want it - it's available!

Leave some feedback here if you please!

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