Topic: How to connect two points on a map not as the crow line?

We are engaged in development flash maps for websites. (
Now we try to develop new function - display of routes of movement between cities.
(for example for show of a route of travel, or for the avia companies ).

Hot points on our maps are set by coordinates.
A question in how to make a line between points not a straight line, and on an arch?

Interactive Flash Maps of USA, UK and other countries.

Re: How to connect two points on a map not as the crow line?

I imagine you would want to use some variation of the drawing API: … 01531.html

you can make curved line segments using curveTo() : … 01531.html

There's a pretty extensive explanation of this API on livedocs as well as in the intrinsic Flash help. There are also a lot of tutorials out there if you google "actionscript 2.0  drawing api".

Just out of curiosity: what would be the benefits of using one of your products, which would require the user to have Flash player installed, over the Google Maps API, which doesn't require Flash, is free, and covers the entire world?

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