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I'm using CSS to activate dropdowns in the global navigation of a site, and the menus are falling behind a div that rotates photos using CSS (the menus work until the image rotates the first time).  I've tried z-index to no avail -- can anyone help?  The site is at


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you've probably tried different numbers, but the li and a elements should have higher numbers for z-index to show on top of the img related divs.

for the z-index to be applied, I think the element also has to have the position set explicitly (which gives it "layout"). on the li and a related elements, set position:relative and things should start working.

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If danofames suggestion doesn't work, you might try to set the #nav postion:static and also the #photodiv position:static. I've had that issue in the past, primarily with IE, and the z-index never seemed to help me. I haven't used a rotating jpg like you're using, but this also seems similar to issues I've had with flash where I had to set the wmode parameter to transparent before it would allow the menus to display above the flash image.

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Re: Dropdown menu problem

I second what crandaddy said about the wmode being set to transparent - but I think that's only available if you're using the "embed" tag to embed the flash content

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Re: Dropdown menu problem

The wmode suggestion is a good one, but the rotating photo is using CSS, not Flash.  The z-index and positioning fix really messed up the navigation in a big way.  I may end up doing that area in Flash if there isn't another option.  Thank you all for your replies!