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Adobe releases public release candidate of ColdFusion 8 - AKA Scorpio

cfjedimaster on wrote:

Adobe released a public testing version of the newest release of their ColdFusion product. Version 8 includes numerous new features, including built in server monitoring, debugging, and loads of new functions and tags.

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I can't wait to try it out! Gotta put it on a non-critical server, though. I would hate to have to deal with issues like the ones I experienced with the Photoshop CS3 Beta again... smile

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I got it set up on my home workstation the other day.  The nice thing is that you can run it side-by-side with CF7 if you configure it correctly with the built-in web server, so I can keep my existing environment and play with the new beta stuff.

And if you want some direction on the new features, definitely check out Ben Forta's blog.

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Had the pleasure of seeing Forta present CF8 at the Atlanta CFUG meeting. Very sweet. I wish I had a DVD of the workshop as I could probably watch it several times. He talks so fast and presented so much information. Anyway, came back very excited and checking the Q3 budget for upgrades.

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Jim, I bet that was cool.  Wish he would have come around here so I could have done the same.  However, we've got one of the other developers coming next month to our PitCFUG, which I'm planning on hitting up.  CF8 definitely has some great features I'm looking forward to using (an have already started some with the beta server).