Topic: Fixing of the chosen state on a map

Not so for a long time we have developed new type of a map - with fixing the chosen state and display of the data through JavaScript.
Example on a site -
But we think, whether use of this map is not so difficult for users? Whether such product will have demand?

Interactive Flash Maps of USA, UK and other countries.

Re: Fixing of the chosen state on a map

Personally, I think it's great and highly usable, as long as the instructions are clear to the user about implementing and tweaking the JS.

Just curious as to why it's not built-in to the flash file...produced by an XML file or something.

Re: Fixing of the chosen state on a map

I'll agree with what bcalker said above me.

I do like this, and I think I'd much rather select the state I live in on a form this way instead of a pulldown menu of state abbreviations.  But then again, this method can't be filled out by auto-complete, nor is is accessible.  So, i can certainly see use with this, it does one thing and it does it extremely well.

One thing I might suggest is a loading bar or something.  I sat there looking at a grey square for a few seconds while it loaded wondering if my ad-blocking plugins got it or not.  If there was some kind of visual cue that something is happening/loading, that would be much better.

Also, I'd put an invisible box around Hawaii, mousing over it and it's smaller islands makes it jump around and difficult to click on. Similar to when you see flash text buttons with no invisible BG and you have to click on part of the letter itself.

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