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Church Plant Media ( is expanding our team and is looking for a web developer to code sites and do CMS integration. (Don't hold our current website against us; we're going through a massive rebranding project). smile


You are expected to work side by side with other team members to bring a design to coded reality. The typical project will include taking a PhotoShop layout and converting it to XHTML/CSS, integrating it into the CMS, and installing any other features/software modules that the client requests (scripts, forms, rotators, etc).

Job Type

Qualified applicants will work on a contract basis to start, and one will move to full-time sometime this Spring (2007).

Work Requirements

Developer will be required to have at least one year of experience in the planning, coding, and management of websites. Specific skill requirements include:

·    Ability to hand code valid, standards-based XHTML and CSS (no WYSIWYGs or tables) and integrate websites into a CMS.
·    The ability to understand cross-platform/cross-browser challenges (and how to work around them).
·    The desire to learn the ins and outs of the CMS in order to utilize it to its full potential.
·    An understanding of web usability.
·    A strong knowledge of XHTML, CSS, and API integration.
·    A basic familiarity with MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Flash, and AJAX (none are required)
·    A basic understanding of PhotoShop (design skills not required; but the ability to convert a PSD to XHTML/CSS is required)
·    Familiarity with common coding techniques and patterns.
·    Flexibility in regards to pre-existing coding styles and methods.
·    A strong desire to stay current with evolving coding standards and technologies.

Work Environment

·    Can definitely work remotely (must be US-based), but Oklahoma City and/or Dallas area residents will be given special consideration.
·    The majority of all communication will be done via phone, e-mail, web conferencing, and IM.

Interested applicants should contact Dustin Stearman at 800.409.6631 x 704 or e-mail the following to dustinstearman AT resume, portfolio, and cover letter that tells us about yourself, your long-term goals (personal and career), and why you feel you would be a good fit with Church Plant Media. Thank you!

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Dustin: I'm curious - What CMS do you guys use?

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Hey Nathan! We use the Ekklesia CMS from Monk. It is a tremendously flexible system that our designers love, because they can throw any design at it, and the CMS handles it beautifully.


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Sounds like a really cool opportunity.  If it wasn't for my new job, I'd be contacting you.  I hope you find a great fit - and nice comp.

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Re: CSS/XHTML developer needed

Dustin - I live in Dallas and I'm sending a coverletter and my resumé your way.  In the mean time, here's some of my recent work:

AT&T WiFinds Site - (frontend dev. + graphics)
WP Template for a weird project I don't fully understand - (frontend dev + graphics)
Portfolio for Shaun LaRose - (everything except the paintings - built on Textpattern)
DonovanHouse is my blog - (frontend modifications + graphics - built on WP)

I also have a temporary portfolio up at carbonmade if you're at all interested in seeing some more graphics work.

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My vote is donovan, hands down.  nd of story unless hicks is free. smile

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Wow, Josh.  Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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Hey guys,

We're hiring another frontend developer and thought I'd post the updated job description in this thread. You can get the full details at


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