Topic: Joyent Slingshot

Just thought the Rails developers here would be interested in this:

Joyent wrote:

Joyent Slingshot allows developers to deploy Rails applications that work the same online and offline (with synchronization) and with drag into and out of the application just like a standard desktop application.

For more information visit:

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Re: Joyent Slingshot

yup, i could not be more excited about this. it's pretty much exactly what I was hoping to provide for Stafftool at some point, and it looks like this is the answer. now i won't have to mess around trying to learn flash/flex/apollo, trying to shoehorn my existing rails codebase into it - slingshot is mde precisely for what I already have. plus, I've been a textdrive/joyent customer since november of '04, so i think this will work out great. their accelerators are solaris, so they're a bit strange compared to linux, but once you get them configured correctly they're pretty great. if they're going to let you use slingshot free if you host on an accelerator, then it's almost a no-brainer for me.

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