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Anybody have a lead on how to do something like this in flash?

I could easily do something pretty similar using slices in photoshop, but we all know that don't validate worth a ding diddily arn!



So, any ideas?


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What are you asking for? Are you already familiar with Flash and you want some hint as to a direction? * Free <html> tag with every website!

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I'm not familiar with Flash.  I think I was really just wondering how difficult something like that is to manage?  I don't think I'll be learning Flash anytime soon, as I don't care to thin myself out (I'd rather focus on continuing to develop proficiency in xhtml, css, and someday php).  However, I am realizing it may be useful to contract some of this kind of work out when a client wants something like the examples above.

So maybe the question is:  How difficult is this to accomplish?  With what level of proficiency in Flash?  and... is anyone ever interested in contract work for this sort of thing, and if so, whats the cost schedule?

Hmm.  Thanks for making me clarify.


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just the flash or the entire dynamic interactivity?

I dream with an XML intereface

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Either.  I'm not entirely sold on this method of display, but it wouldn't hurt to know how it works, how much work it is, and/or how much it costs for this kind of thing to be contracted out?


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I have the United States (split into states) already created in Flash, and it is fairly simple to add interactivity to each state. If you wanted to do a specific city I have created custom maps before using Flash to draw them. Let me know if you are still looking for someone to help you, and if this has a deadline or if it is a long-term type thing. My email is (Gabe).

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Actually, now that I think about it.........I have the entire world map in Flash on my computer at home, lol (split into countries and ready for interactivity - and color changes, etc).