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I am a n00b and was wondering if there was way to trigger the popularly useful thickbox (javascript to display a lightbox-style HTML page) from a link embedded in a Flash movie? I have a website that is all Flash and want to display thickbox formatted HTML content from a text hyperlink in the movie using actionscript.

Here's an example of how the hyperlink is formatted in HTML:

<a href="ajaxLogin.htm?height=100&width=250" class="thickbox" title="Please Sign In">login</a

Is there an action script equivalent to the above?

If possible, can anyone point me in the right direction or give an example of the code:

The thickbox script can be found at:


Re: Using Flash with Thickbox

What might be a better alternative, is to just import the external html files into flash and have them render inside there.  Flash does have a limited HTML rendering, mostly just links and line breaks I believe.

Re: Using Flash with Thickbox

Not sure, but there is a ThickBox forum -

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