Topic: Learning Resources for Rails

I love AWDWR and even got myself a copy of Ruby for Rails and all the Peepcode screencasts. But I am also discovering rapidly that there are a lot of brilliant people working Rails these days and their blogs are a treasure trove of information.

Jamis Buck
has_many :through
Robby on Rails
Nuby On Rails
Toolman Tim
Ben Curtis
Sean Treadway

The best forums I have found are:

Rails Forum
Rails Weenie

If all else fails, the good folks on IRC #rubyonrails are very helpful

I'm sure I havent covered even half of the resources out there. Feel free to contribute your own links..better yet, let's sticky this thread and post all of our links! wink

Re: Learning Resources for Rails

Nice list. There is also another thread on this forum listing some good books to supplement the online stuff.  Also check out the guided interactive tutorial where you can try Ruby in your browser.

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