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Just wanted to annouce a new website of mine (design is coming soon), Ruby Snips. The sites vision is to cover small snips of Ruby/Rails code with brief explanations of what is going on. There will be guest authors here and there and hopefully it will be a great resource for those learning Ruby and even for those who know Ruby.

My good friend Ryan Heneise is also helping out and he has a really good snip on URL Breadcrumbs.

Check out the site, leave some feedback and if you'd like see something explained, or have a snip that you'd like to share, let me know either here, Ruby Snips or email at robertrevans [at] gmail. And don't forget to pick up the RSS - we've got some cool stuff to share and some pretty cool people who will be posting.

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Nice site Robert. I really like how the snippets are explained. Ryan's URL Breadcrumbs should be useful. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. This site should be added to the Reading List for Web Designers.

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This looks awesome dude. Nice work!

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I like the site, especially the breadcrumbs. It took me less than a minute to drop it in and test. Worked like a charm!

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cool stuff robert, i love little snips like this.

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More snips please!!

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