Topic: Going CF Full-Time

Well, I've finally landed a job in the area to work full-time in ColdFusion again! 

They're rather sparse around Pittsburgh, so I'm very thankful for the opportunity.

Now I'll have to change my title on the forum... wink

Re: Going CF Full-Time

Be sure to wear a coat

Re: Going CF Full-Time

Congrats Greg, do they allow you to wear a scientist coat and those cool goggles too?

Exercise your faith!

Re: Going CF Full-Time

sweet man, that is exciting.

[witty scriptorial reference here]

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Congrats on the new job. Just don't cause a nuclear melt-down! Okay, not funny. smile

Give me liturgy or give me death.

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Well, I thought it was funny.

This is sounding like a science fiction forum, with Greg doing cold fusion, and Natalie working on teleportation...

"I was blind, but now I see!"  John 9:25

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LOL...if I could figure out THAT cold fusion, then I probably wouldn't have to work any more!

Oh, and no need for the lab coats...the place is business casual.  wink