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I have found that church folk need something very basic. Unless you have a gazillion members, there just isn't a lot of news to keep up with. So, I've been using a product in development called SnippetMaster ( It allows you to frame certain areas of a web page with tags that then allow a person with a login and pswd to use a WYSIWYG editor to change and update sections of pages from any computer on-line (without access to the code).

You can see it in action here:


Re: Recommend a good CMS for church website?

I have been toying around with the idea of writing a CMS designed specifically for Churches, using Ruby on Rails.

Re: Recommend a good CMS for church website?

Elexio is attempting to build the next version of their CMS, IntelliSite, so that it is 100% standards compliant.  There is an absolute need out there for a solution to this problem, but give it time.  Most of these CMS's will come around.

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I know this is an old thread but in case anyone is trolling the web with the same question, a good one to check out would be WebMedley Their system does have many extra feature like you talked about that could "confuse" noobs to the web, but it uses an interface similar to your MS Word-like processors and has video help + some text & image support. On the lower end, price-wise and has a long free trial for their website builder so a church can test it out without having to break out the debit card.

While there are some alternatives like textpattern or even free options like WP and other gnu content management systems, they can be a pain to install and configure unless you have access to a ton of free help. I am a web-geek that always used to recommend the do-it-yourself approach but learned that it was a tremendous misuse of time and resources for others (and myself) to keep reinventing the wheel.  Most Churches' tech help is spread so thin, that it is worth it to splash out the equivalent of a dollar a day to have someone on the other end that you can slide those problems to.

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David Russell wrote:

In my mind, I can envision a solution for these churches. I can see a ready-built CMS, pre-installed on a server space or available for installation elsewhere. I see the installation steps moving through different facets of church needs: calendar, blog, image manager, newsletter, evite, podcast/mp3/audio, template selection, etc. Anyone can move through the simple interface. All options are outlined simply, but effectively, so the power behind each tool can be understood by anyone. The person responsible for the site simply selects the solutions that are right for them and then the application installs the necessary tools and makes control available in the administrative interface. Pages are easy. No nonsense.


This was the exact reasoning behind my vision for creating MultipliCMS (  I myself have been in ministry for more than 20 years so I know the need to have a CMS that is instantly intuitive to even a computer novice as many church volunteers are apprehensive about going anywhere near a computer.  We worked very closely with three churches during the development process to make sure that our interface was easy enough to use without any training.  The user can just login and they will know what to do from the first moment.

I think the final product we have now meets those needs you talked about as it was designed by church pastors for their church needs.  We have a number of custom modules that only churches would use (Giving, Small Groups, etc) and we are even working on expanding some of those modules to give our churches even more expanded functionality.

We have three basic packages that include custom design and the very top of the line runs only $2500 which beats many of our competitors by a mile for this type of setup (12 modules included).  We are also in the process of launching a new package called "RightNow" that will allow churches to pick from 20 different templates and have up to four modules included for just $499.  These are prices that I personally know are very ministry friendly while not holding back on the quality of the website that church will receive.   If you are interested in the RightNow page email me and I'll send you the details (

There is a free online demo if anyone would like to take it for a quick test drive (