Topic: What freelance job sites do you use?

Out of all the options for picking up contract work which do you find the most successful? Elance? Freelanceworkexchange? Craigslist? I'm curious to know what your experience has been using any of these sites. If you paid for membership, do you think it has been worthwhile? Or do you pull enough from free listing sites that you don't bother with other places?

Of course all this depends on experience and the strength of your portfolio but I wanted to get a general sense. Thanks for anyone who responds to this.

Re: What freelance job sites do you use?

Last year, I used  I paid for their basic membership (around $150 I believe), and I was very pleased with the results.  I made around $5K from bids I won during that 12-month period.  Pretty good ROI if you ask me.  There are a few clients that still send me work periodically because of the work I did for them via Guru.  Keep in mind that freelancing is part-time for me.  I have a day job and look for jobs on the side for extra cash.  A couple of the jobs I did were smallish, and some were for non-profits and churches, which means I didn't charge them as much.  I usually only take on one client at a time.  I believe I could've taken on many more jobs through Guru if I wanted, increasing my ROI.  I would HIGHLY recommend it. 

I didn't renew my membership simply because I had all the work I could handle at that point.  I may renew it in a couple of months if things slow down.  They also have a free membership, but you aren't able to bid on nearly as many projects that way.

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Re: What freelance job sites do you use?

zac thanks much. I've checked out guru and it does look helpful. Any others? What services do you use to pull in more freelance work?

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I'm registered (free) at Guru, but 100% of my work has been by referral. That's by far the best source of business, generally-speaking...word spreads quickly, and a personal recommendation is still better than any other kind of marketing.

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Re: What freelance job sites do you use?

GH, most definitely. I actually haven't actually subscribed to any work via freelance websites. All my work has come by word of mouth/referral and I'm pretty busy right now. Proverbs is a gold mine in this regard.