Topic: Re web-based software for membership organisations

I have been in business for over 20 years developing systems for membership administration (together with fundraising, and subscription handling) and consulting customers who use our systems. (Our system (Aquila) is a Client Server CRM-system on Oracle geared to member-based organisations.)

During the last year I have started to think that the future must lie in solutions that are web-based using "web 2.0" technologies (like AJAX, Ruby on Rails etc).

I envision a combination of tool-sets for people working in a what we in Sweden call, "value based organisation" i.e non for profit organisation. The tool should include collaboration tools (like BackPackIt, BaseCamp, Calender, Chat, CMS, Forum,File and document archive, but also the administrative side for keeping records of members, billing, payments, distribution of magazines, newsletters, Email campaigns (a small CRM-system). In short it should be both a tool for internal collaborating workers spread out geographically, but also a tool to reach out marketing-wise to reach new members and donors.

I have an idea on what such a solution would deliver, and have been searching for it on the internet, but to my surprise I can´t find it (in RoR anyway, I found some PHP-based solution that are similar to what I envision, but not really what I want either).

Has any one here seen anything in this area? Are there any Open Source projects in this area that you know of?

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Per-Olof Hermansson

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Re: Re web-based software for membership organisations

activeCollab is kind of a Basecamp clone that's open source.

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