Re: XHTML/CSS Editor

Robert Evans wrote:

What OS? On windows, you can use Notepad++ and theme however you want. I like this theme:

For OSX, nothing beats Textmate.

Notepadd++ gave me problems a while back. It was adding 'invisible' characters that create header errors for me in PHP. I've stuck to NuSphere.

Re: XHTML/CSS Editor

At my new job I looked for almost an entire day for a good Windows text editor and tried most of the ones mentioned here. InType seemed good, but it's too early and lacking too many features.  Maybe later.  E was similar, it seemed good but it lacked some things I needed.  I also ended up using Dreamweaver and I'm happy with it.  It's a big huge bloated program, especially considering that I'm only using it to edit CSS, but it works great.

I think I'll re-download Notepad++ and give that another shot, plus that awesome dark "Blue Ruby" theme really looks great, I love the dark themes on text editors, it's a lot easier on the eyes.

From what I remember though, code completion is a BIG seller for me, and Dreamweaver was the only one to do this properly.  Am I right? Basically I just want dreamweaver with less bloat and a dark theme.

On my Mac at home, I've been using Coda which is amazing IMO.  It's like a mostly featured Textmate + Transmit FTP + a visual GUI CSS editor (great for color picking).  It's well worth the small amount of money they charge.