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Hey all! I am working on a project at work that needs to display a flash object inside thickbox. There are also other flash elements on an html page that the thickbox iframe will sit over.

Everything is playing relatively nicely on Windows, but in FF and Safari on OSX there are some serious issues. In Safari, the flash in the background flickers over the iframe, but under the flash in the iframe. In FF, the flash in the iframe and the flash below the iframe won't display. Any have an idea as to why, i've googled around and haven't seen anything yet about this.

The site -

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I'm not familiar with Thickbox (other than the concept), but have you tried assigning the flash parameter "wmode" to "transparent"? I know it allows JS menus to fall on top of flash elements. May help in this case, but I'm not sure.


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Yeah, I got that assigned. Just having problems in two browsers with the Apple.

Thanks though!

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sorry it didn't help Robert. Looking over the jQuery stuff and the Thickbox examples makes me want to test out flash integration with it. Looks really awesome and for a change - useful smile

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I  was wondering if there was way to trigger the popularly useful thickbox (javascript to display a lightbox-style HTML page) from a link embedded in a Flash movie? I have a website that is all Flash and want to display thickbox formatted HTML content from a text hyperlink in the movie using actionscript.

Here's an example of how the hyperlink is formatted in HTML:

<a href="ajaxLogin.htm?height=100&width=250" class="thickbox" title="Please Sign In">login</a

Is there an action script equivalent to the above?

If possible, can anyone point me in the right direction or give an example of the code:

The thickbox script can be found at: