32 Friends' Marriage

by Nathan Smith

34 Job change(s)

by BroChris

35 Life is precious

by Montgomery

36 Financial Issues

by Adrian

37 Client and work

by Adrian

38 Prayer for mother-in-law

by Deborah

39 Need some prayer

by Adrian

40 Hurricane Gustav

by Deborah

41 Job Loss

by onetruth

42 Chris Laurie

by revans

43 Baby Coming

by Kristi

44 mission trip

by BroChris

47 Don't know what to do.....


49 Possible Job Switching

by C.Barr

50 I need a miracle

by Adrian

53 Prayer for a friend

by revans

55 my cousins

by jpc101

56 Moving?

by tke395

58 Started a New Job...

by human3rror

60 Pray For My Dad

by GuruGreg