yea man its definitely too heavy. that's part of both the gift and the curse of using WP plugins - just about every one is built to be used on it's own, and many of them use various js libraries. So often when you install mutiple plugins they each add their own includes which all add up to be the monstrosity that it currently is. I need to work on optimizing all of those external includes - thanks for pointing that out.

- Rhino

hey thanks Chris - long time no see smile

anyway, I agree that there is a lot of stuff going on on the homepage. we are working on that today to make it a little less busy. we took the chatroll off the home page and put it back on the discussions page and hopefully we can clean some other stuff up as well. Also - we are going to use Transitional instead of Strict, not sure where that came from but thanks for catching it, we will get those validation errors cleaned up.

Hey everybody -

Recently a small dev team at my church, Faith Celebration Fellowship in North Hollywood CA, designed and launched the newest version of our church website:

The site is built on Wordpress v2.7 and a couple plugins. We have features such as discussion forums,  an events calendars, Pastor's Devos, recent sermons in audio format, and a bunch of pictures and videos of things that are happening in the Church.

I would like to request some feedback on the design, functionality, content, or anything else on that is done well or poorly. We are revising the site constantly to make it better so all your opinions would be greatly appreciated, because we haven't really built a church site before and by the grace of God we are kind of just making this up as we go along smile

thanks for your support.

Hey everybody -

I hope this message finds everyone happy, blessed and prosperous. I haven't been able to participate around here lately as much as I would like, mostly due to the fact that I got a real job now and can't spend all day at work chilling on Godbit any more smile Anyway I am now working as a full-stack LAMP developer at  and we just officially launched the site yesterday, April 15. I would like to personally request that everyone check it out and let me know what you think. We have been getting a lot of buzz recently, both good and bad: … 89b24df7a9 … whats_news … ic-videos/ … 0416005234 … 0981fd3ed6 … -pluggedin … .html?.v=1

etc etc. I am seriously interested in what you Godbitters have to say about the site. There is a lot of mainstream music on there but there is also a lot of less-known niche stuff that you guys might like including:

Also: we are currently working on tools to let artists claim their own profile page, upload HD videos for us to host, sell stuff like merch, CDs, tickets, etc all from that one page, and embed our videos in your own blog. I know some of you are either in or passionate about some smaller bands - if you would like to participate in our pilot program please get in touch with me. It will get you a lot of exposure here in LA as well as online and in other places. If you don't believe me just search Google or Yahoo news for Music and/or Pluggedin and see what you see.


I need some help rolling out a couple sites with CI and a custom CMS I made. I will feed you content thru the CMS and I just need you to install my CMS, then find a layout and skin it out. You can get free templates on, design one, use old markup, I don't care. The only restrictions are that it has to be valid XHTML and CSS and the template has to accommodate menus built with ULs of ULs to fit with the menus generated by the CMS (pretty simple). I figure once you see how  the system functions you should be able to knock it out in a night or two of work. My company just landed a contract to build a large number of these sites in the next couple of months so if you can deliver on one simple install there will be plenty more work if you want it.

If anyone is interested please hit me at rhinocerous [at] gmail (dot) com ASAP.


Thanks for looking at it dude...thats weird im not even getting any errors in firebug on my box. I'll keep hunting.

I need a little help with a jQuery interface slideshow. I'm finishing up this site with plans to launch by early December:

There is a slideshow on many of the store pages that is built with the jQuery interface slideshow plugins. Most of the pages validate to XHTML 1.0 Strict and I've tested it successfully on PC Firefox, Safari, opera and Mac FF and Safari. Everything works fine as far as I can see in all those browsers. In PC IE 6 and 7 everything works except the slideshow and I can't figure out why. In IE6 I get a strange "invalid argument" error on a line of code that is actually a CSS include that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the slideshow. I upgraded to all the latest script versions (jquery 1.2.1, etc) but it didn't seem to help other than make the images load a little faster.

I guess I could patch it up by just doing some browser detection and putting in a static random image if IE is detected. However I'd much rather just get the slideshow to work.

Also, any other feedback on the site in general would be greatly appreciated. The client is taking new product shots this weekend so the messed up ones will be gone for launch.


Hey everyone, happy monday. I was hoping to collect some feedback on my company's website which I am currently mocking up. The current site is a hack-job that I banged together in a couple of hours: - pretty weak. I now want to actually do it right.

Comps I've come up with so far:

I think I like layout 1 better but I feel like the logo is getting lost in the top left corner. I emphasized it a bit more in layout 2 and moved the secondary column over but now it feels unbalanced to me. Not really sure how to fix it, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


roger, I'll drink (coffee) to that!

As we all know, DW code is horrible anyway. Judging by the typos on cssez's home page and the bloated monstrosity that is their default template it doesn't look like theirs is much better.

It looks pretty though...


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yeah wasn't Dreamweaver supposed to make hand-coded CSS obsolete too, a while back?

maspick wrote:

Hitler was a zealot, too.

wow, I think that's the very first time I've ever seen a Godbit thread get Godwinned smile

This article, or  "manifesto" as the author calls it, really got me thinking last night. It presents a different perspective on creativity in the modern world and how people apply it to their work and lives. Be warned that it does contain some rough language. If you can get past that the article is really profound, IMHO.

hahaha that's hilarious big_smile I think some people at my work might want to buy that product in all seriousness.


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Hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this thread but I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately and I just wanted to share a little bit of my mind. I was reading my Bible tonight and I ran across a passage that reminded me of the discussion going on here.

Iwishmyhairwasemo wrote:

If Jesus did really love those children he would have never have given them birth defects.

As pointed out before, I think this statement is flat out wrong because it is completely dismissing the point of God's grace. To my mind this statement is contradicted both by scripture and by my own experience. The verses that made me think:

Romans 5:2-3 wrote:

And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

I take that to mean that God allows us to suffer through trials and hardships as a means to an end: that is, to refine and build our character and by doing so making us stronger people.

I have seen this principle at work in my own family. My Dad lost his left hand in an industrial accident at the age of 18, which was several years before I was born. My entire life I have listened to my Father tell everyone who asked him that losing his hand was a blessing rather than a curse. He always finishes his story with a simple statement: that when something really bad happens in a person's life, that person has two options: "to get bitter, or to get better". He always cites as evidence the facts that he can tie his own shoes, play softball, golf (he says losing his hand knocked 20 strokes off his game smile ), cook, drive, hold down a job, and many other things with one hand. I see the facts that he is too humble to admit to: that he is a great husband, father, son, and a good friend to me.

I can see how his injury has made him a better man, through the grace of God. This is not something that just "happened" to him, he had to work hard over the years to maintain this attitude and I know that he struggles at times with bitterness and that feeling of "why me?". I firmly believe that, in the end, it is a personal choice. If you choose to believe that God has abandoned you to your hardships and doesn't care what happens to you then you will become bitter and worse for your experience. However if you choose to believe that God has set these obstacles in your path as a way to strengthen your character and resolve, you can see how these hardships can make you a better person.

/2 cents


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I've had Harmon / Kardon speakers in the past that I loved as well but like Leo says I haven't seen any around for quite a while. I currently use a set of Boston Acoustics with a big sub and two smaller satellites that I really like: … B00000JHW5 . I think this particular model is no longer made but ebay has a selection of BA systems: … category0= . I like these speakers because they are fairly small and easy to set up but they put out a LOT of sound and have great bass and surround.

/2 cents


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Thanks for the link Chris! wow looks really cool. I think it would be less of a hassle too since I don't currently have any pictures up on Flickr. I think I'm going to order a batch from each place and see which ones turn out better.


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hey gang,

I'm about to order some business cards from Moo: . They seem like a really great deal and you can add a bunch of pictures to the backs of your cards if you have any images on Flickr. I was just wondering if anyone here had used them before and had an opinion on them either way. I'm going to order 100 because I need some anyway and I guess if they are good I'll keep getting them. Thoughts?


I heard about this lib at the recent An Event Apart conference in San Fran: . I haven't used it yet but it comes highly recommended by several experts. It's basically a JS library that baselines IE6 and IE5 to do everything IE7 can do, including PNGs with alpha channels. If you use it would you mind posting back here and letting us know how it goes?



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Awesome article! I'd be curious to see how the same thing would look / work if coded with Mootools or Scriptaculous. I think jQuery is about as good as it gets for DOM scripting but I know other people around here prefer to skin the cat differently.


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ah, I was wondering how that worked actually. I have to implement the paypal cart on a freelance site I'm working on now too. Can you style the buttons that the cart produces? I'd assume so, since you already did...


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looks good man! IMHO you should add a cursor:pointer to the cart buttons to get the hand on hover, it's kind of weird to roll over them and have the cursor stay as the arrow...or maybe that's just me. Great looking site, as always.


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yeah it looks great now in FF2 on PC. However it's got issues in IE7 on PC:
The background-image is perfect but it looks like all the divs with the cartAdd class have disappeared. It was doing the same thing earlier today when the BG was still busted, I just didnt have a chance to post it then. Sure would be sweet if IE had a Firebug, wouldnt it? smile


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bvcarroll wrote:

I'd also like a recommendation on a good free web calendar.

Not sure how advanced your needs are for a web calendar, but if you need a good popup / select box version you could check out the new UI plugin for jQuery:  (click on "See the Demos" then "Calendar" under the "Widgets" column). This is more of a little app to grab a user's date selection as opposed to a  full-blown calendar, but it has a lot of cool features like menus for year and day, the forward and next buttons, and it works from 1998 through 2018.

Also if you're trying to build an accordion menu from scratch and having problems you might want to check out the Accordion widget on that page, it may give you a little head start.



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I've had a lot of success with WYMEditor: . Jean-Francois just rewrote it using jQuery which is a big plus in my book. It's easy to implement, easy to modify, and gives you clean XHTML to put in your DB. It also works in all the browsers I've tested it in, including Safari and PC IE6.

This solution and a few other options are covered in this article: … or-test-2/


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true, true. Going on vacation next week should help, I think I'm just suffering from those old fashioned down low project launching blues smile still, it's sort of hard to express pent-up frustration and stress with a particularly vicious mySQL query or php function...