I am using "jquery.jcarousellite.pack.js" for a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of this page:


It works on macs but not on PC's. Any ideas for a Java newbie.

I have used this before on other sites and had no problem.



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I am needing an easy way for a client to upload downloadable content such as .pdf's, .doc, etc.  in the blog entry.

Any ideas?


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Click on the top panel drop down and you will see wat I am working with. I am just trying to create a list of about 130 churches in the state using one weblog with 6 categories.



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I tried to put a <ul class> before the category name but the problem is that is screws all the category titles up.

Is there not a way to list all the category titles separately on the same page. Do I have to take all or nothing on my list. Or can I just take the 1st cat. then the 2nd cat. and so on...


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OK....I see what you mean. I can't put the categories in separate classes because os the{entry titles} parameter.

Would this be where I could use category offset?


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Thanks for the help. This looks like what I need. I am going to do columns : (

I think I am just going to create 6 classes to hold each category.



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This plugin helps with the layout part but it still gives the same problem that all the EE docs give. They are just talking about listing categories headings. I need to list the content in those categories.

It would be like if you didn't have a product list page in your tutorial you just displayed all your products under their category on the same page.

So you would bypass the product_list, and just have a list of all products based on category then a product_detail page?

It's almost like i want a {sort="category"} kind of thing.

Any ideas?


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Thanks for the response but I don't think the switch option is the best for me ( I think)

Imagine If I were going to set up 6 different weblogs:
Church Directory A-D
Church Directory E-H.....(and so on)

And then I would put those separate weblogs into 6 rows (class="")

I have set up 1 weblog with 6 categories (A-Z)

Now is there a weblog entry that allows me to display those 6 categories in 6 different rows. Something like this:

<div id="top-panel">
<h3>Select a church below</h3>

<div class="row1">
{exp:weblog:category_heading weblog="church__directory"}

<div class="row2">
{exp:weblog:category_heading weblog="church__directory"}

Does this make any sense and do you have any answers?

I feel like there should be an easy solution to this but I can't find it!


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I am really starting to get very comfortable with EE and integrating it into my projects but I have a few questions for new things I am wanting to try. They involve categories (I think)

1. I am wanting to display recent blog entries on the front page for an office (I've got that part) and use a picture for each author to display beside the post. Would I use categories a with a category photo?

2. I am needing to display a church directory alphabetically for around 130 churches on the site in about 7 rows. Is there a way to categorize or class these rows so they can float left. (Is there a better way?)

I hope these things make since.

Any help?

I have been working on a layout for a new site for a while and everything has been fine. Now all of the sudden I have these weird 2 white images (very small) in the top left hand corner of my site. I have reviewed and tested all my code to find the error and I can't find an error anywhere.

It looks like it has to be an image?

Has anyone ever seen something like this, any ideas how to fix it?




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I got it thanks to this great post:

http://groups.google.com/group/rubyonra … 0419c4e1e9

I just needed to replace a some code I copied from an article.


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Ok well now I am using prototype and it's doing the same thing.

if I remove this code

<script src="js/prototype.js"  type="text/javascript"></script>

the accordion works, other than that, it doesn't work at all.

Any ideas?


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I just found an easy article on moo tools and I used it. I will try and find a jquery one. Any suggestions?


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I am using mootools for a top-panel drop down  and also jquery for a vertical accordian (similar to the apple site).

Everything was working fine with the accordian until I added the mootools top panel. Now the top panel works great but the accordian is a no go.

you can see it here

I am new to javascript, I am pretty much a tutorial copy and paster so I wouldn't no where to fix this.

Any help?


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Weird it started working like 60 minutes later. Huh?


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I have a BIG problem. I have been working on a site, and it is done and I have handed it over to the client. It has been working fine and now all the sudden wen you go to the site you get this message

Database Error: Unable to connect to your database. Your database appears to be turned off or the database connection settings in your config file are not correct. Please contact your hosting provider if the problem persists.

I have no idea what has happened. Please help!



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I have been hired to make 5 church templates available for sale for a church region. I am going to use EE for the CMS on all the sites. I was wondering if it was possible to create the EE 1 time and duplicate 4 more times. I am using the same CMS layout for all the projects.

I also was wondering how I could do this and purchase a separate license each time.

I am trying to cutdown on the work of creating a new CMS every time someone purchases a project.

Any ideas?


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I am working on a site for a State Office. They oversee 130 denominational churches in Northern Ohio. They want a site that allows them to be interactive with articles, and media.

I only have the front page right now but I would love some feedback. This is my first site with javascript toggle so i was pretty excited.

If you are viewing the site in IE you will notice a problem with the header. It's good on mac but I have posted a thread in "CSS" and still haven't gotten an answer. I would love any help.




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Ok so I fixed the image problem. I just had a typo, sometimes you just feel stupid.

But now I have another problem. The  background image is not extended all the way across (repeat-x) it is stopping when it gets to my "directory button"

You will notice I don't have a width set on the header, which I'm sure is the problem, but this is my first time using javascript to have a drop down toggle menu, and whenever I tried to use a background image for the "div.body" the drop down panel would cover it up as opposed to push it down. So I used the image on "header" instead of "body"

I'm sure these problems are connected.

Everything still good on Mac though.

Any help?


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I've never had this before but my "bg.jpg" image for my header (which is actually me body background) is not showing in IE7. I'm good in Safari and Firefox mac.

All of my code is validated and the image is uploaded. You can pull up the image in IE just not on the webpage.

Here is the site

Here is the image:
http://www.jbirdmedia.org/projects/nocog/images/bg.jpg  (you probably knew that)



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Thanks for the help, I actually am using mooTools for this. Not for any particular reason except I just found a tutorial that I could understand and implement.

I'm sure I will be back : )



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I am wanting to create a hidden panel at the top of my page that will display a church directory. I have read through this site:

http://ifohdesigns.com/blog/tutorials/u … th-cookies

But this doesn't give me the freedom with the CSS that I want. I was wondering what the easiest way to do this is. I am a java newby, keep that in mind : )



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I have no idea. It's not in there. I am not super familiar with proper XML code.


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I have set up a successful podcast for my churches sermons outside of EE, but I am trying to use EE now and I am having a lot of error messages. Can someone look at my code and see where my error is. Thanks

I got the source template from here: http://expressionengine.com/wiki/iTunes … _Template/

you can see the error message here: http://www.rivercitywc.com/index.php?/site/podcast

{exp:rss:feed weblog="podcast"}
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss xmlns:itunes="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd" version="2.0">

<title>{weblog_name} {weblog_description}</title>
<copyright>Copyright 2008</copyright>
<itunes:subtitle>A podcast of the weekly teachings from River City Worship Center</itunes:subtitle>
<itunes:author>River City Worship Center</itunes:author>
<itunes:summary>The River City Worship Center podcast is a podcast of weekly teachings from teaching Pastors Jason Isaacs and Cecil Green</itunes:summary>
<itunes:name>River City Worship Center</itunes:name>
<itunes:image href="http://www.example.com/images/podcast_image.jpg" />
<itunes:category text="Religion &amp; Spirituality">
<itunes:category text="Christianity"/>

{exp:weblog:entries weblog="podcast"}
<enclosure url="{podcast_url}" length="16307078" type="audio/x-mpeg" />
<pubDate>{gmt_entry_date format="%D, %j %M %Y %H:%i:%s %Q"}</pubDate>


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I am wanting to use e-junkie for people to be able to pay with a credit card for a conference a church is having, but I also need to be able to get all of there registration info such as: name, address, church name, etc.

What is the best way to go about doing this?