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I had one friend on twitter mention that he wasn't a fan of the big text blocks. He said:

Maybe change it up a little on the subs? The huge text changes from cool to irritating quickly fo me

I'm kind of on the fence about it, but leaning towards agreeing with him. I don't have time right now, but I think I'm going to try a version with just normal paragraphs. Thoughts on this?


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Wow, it's been a while since I've been on Godbit - I really need to get on here more to stay in touch and see what all you guys are doing.  So… I'd love it if you could take a look at some photoshop mockups for a site I'll be finishing up soon (this week hopefully).

In July I'll be going on a mission trip to Togo, Africa with a few other people from my church - basically putting on bible school camps for the kids, spreading some love around, and hopefully building some wells for clean water (probably just helping raise funds for the wells, but I'm not really sure of the details yet.)

Anyway, we realized we needed a site where we can hopefully collect some more donations and also just get the word out to more people about our trip. This is also my first design where I'll be using Nathan Smith's 960 grid framework (16 columns). Let me know what you think, what needs changed, and if I'm designing with the grid system properly or not.

Pages (so far):
The Trip -    Design | Grid
The Team -  Design | Grid
Donate -      Design | Grid

I don't have a copy of IE7 in front of me right now, so this is purely a guess.  In your ccc.js file I see this:

		scroll: 3,

Try removing that comma at the end since there's not a property that comes next.  I've had IE freak out on me before when it sees an extra comma like this.

I know flash can call an external javascript function, so my idea would be to make a JS function that either hides of deletes the flash video and shows the slideshow, and just call it at the end of the movie.

Here's the basic idea with jQuery:

function removeFlash(){

and in your actionscript, on the last frame of the video just put this:

getURL("javascript: removeFlash();")

On thing to keep in mind though is that if a user does not have flash installed, apparently they will never see the video OR the slideshow.

I'm not 100% clear on the differences, but maybe give position:static; a try.

Really like the design overall, very new and modern feeling.  I wouldn't change anything design wise.

I'm really liking the way the photo galleries are presented.  It's like a super-lightbox. It doesn't take you to some other page, but it's a temporary full screen photo viewer.  Very nice!

I do get a bit of widget overload though.  I see the image slider at the top, the music player, the calendar, archives, and a live chat.  It all feels like a bit too much. 

I also see some html errors - it looks like a lot, but I think it's all just from some single tag that's been left open and it just cascades the errors down.

Well that's pretty awesome, thanks. Those are both things I'd love to have!


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I've tried something like this, but by accident. Basically I had to change domain names, so I figured i could just port over the DB.
Then you have to go in and find all the x.com URL's and replace them with y.com - very tedious and after a lot of time I still didn't do it right.  I just did a fresh install in the end.  A lot easier.

That's some good and exciting news about 2.0 - can't wait!

Just from inspecting it quick with Safari, it looks like the background is set to: background-image: url();
which also throws an error about that image not being able to load.

Make sure the images are uploaded and that the CSS correctly points to them.


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Me too, especially after printing it out - but then again my printer cost $50 and I don't have the special paper that they do either.

I've used 4colorprint before and everything seemed to come out exactly like I wanted.

I'm mostly worried about the custom die cut. Do the bleeds still apply or does the custom cut mean that now is my bleed?


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Alright, so I've finally stopped watching so much Hulu and designed a personal business card for myself.

I plan on doing a custom die cut with the silk cards from http://4colorprint.com/

Tell me what you think: http://chris-barr.com/files/card.jpg

Wow, very strange I actually did have javascript disabled in Firefox. What in the world?  Thanks for the tip - don't know why that never occurred to me!

Nevermind I guess. The client was saying that the images weren't being rotated (once you click on a section).

I just tried it In XP with IE6 and it works fine, and I also booted up my Windows 7 beta and it's breaking in IE8 - which I suspect the client is using.

This site seems to be working fine in Safari, but for some reason none of my scripts are loading in Firefox!


The HTML is valid, the files exist and I haven't changed anything. I opened up the Net tab in Firebug and it doesn't even show my scripts as even being called.

Any advice?


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Looks like it got Dugg: http://digg.com/general_sciences/Little … _Engineers


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Very cool!  My favorite part was the nutrition info on the grandmother, haha!

It reminds me a lot of one of my all time favorite music videos by Röyksopp "Remind Me" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi1DLcy69WQ&fmt=18  (be sure to turn off those dumb annotations!)


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I just got back from the Mix '09 conference in Las Vegas, and it was so much better than I expected!  For being a Microsoft sponsored conference mostly focusing on .NET and other MS technologies, there was about 50% Mac users there and most of these people were designers.  It was a really nice mix (haha?) of designers and developers.  I've got some photos from my trip up here on Flickr.

I think one of the best things they do is put up ALL the session videos online for free!  There's some really valuable information in these!

http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX09  (also you can view past years MIX sessions at http://videos.visitmix.com )

Here's some highlights I'm going to recommend:

Web Form Design - absolutely one of the best sessions I attended.  Watch this video! He talks about why forms suck and what we as designers can do to help the process along.  Very very well done and extremely informative. As soon as this session was over I went and bought the speakers book.

The Way of the Whiteboard: Persuading with Pictures - Anotehr great session, but not necessarily directly related to web design.  It's a great session on how to get ideas out of your head and communicate them properly to people via a whiteboard of napkin.

Measuring Social Media Marketing - If you or your company does any kind of social media marketing, this is a great one.

The following sessions I did not attend, but they seem great:

Copyright Law for Web Designers and Developers
Wireframes That Work: Designing (Rich Internet) Applications
Using Total Experience Design to Transform the Digital Building
Go Beyond Best Practices: Evolving Next Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century
Design Prototyping: Bringing Wireframes to Life

And finally, for any other ASP.NET or Visual Studio users, These are somre great previews of what's coming soon!
Web Development Using Microsoft Visual Studio: Now and in the Future - A preview build of Visual Studio 2010 is shown.  Looks amazing!
Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 : What's Next? - awesome new features is ASP.NET 4

Instead, you can just use .append() and .prepend() to insert the text inside the links themselves.


I believe your problem is here:

$(function() {
	        btnNext: ".next",
	        btnPrev: ".prev",
	        speed: 400,
	        visible: 1,

See how each value has a comma after it?  The last value of visible:1 also has a comma, but it's the last one - so no need for a comma.  Most good browsers will just ignore this, but I've had problems with IE completely breaking just due to this extra comma.  Try removing it and see if it fixes anything.

(Also, "MAC" is not an acronym that stands for anything and should not be all caps! It's short for "Macintosh" - sorry, just a pet peeve of mine I always see online.)


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I've leaned PHP and really like it, and now with my new job I'm really starting to warm up to ASP.NET - it's really got some powerful features, especially with what I've seen of the ASP.NET 4.0 preview.

Honestly unless you're doing some huge business site where you'd have to worry about scaling issues, it really doesn't matter what language to focus on. I'd recommend learning more about the MVC model of programming, it's pretty slick and I don't even fully understand it.  There's ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, and tons of PHP frameworks to do the same thing.

From what I hear, once you really understand this model, you can very rapidly develop sites and reuse code.

Also, server side javascrpt? I've never heard of this either.


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Well, IE6 doesn't support position:fixed - how fun is that?  Everything else does and should work fine.  I messed around with firebug in Firefox and this makes it look fine:

.contentleft {
.contentright {

Notice I don't need the floats anymore.

I don't have IE7 in front of me to test, but I have a feeling that should work - can anyone verify this?

As for IE6, I say just leave it alone and make it positioned normally.  There's ways to hack it together with jQuery so that whenever you scroll it sets the position to be at the top of the browser window. That can get really intense though and may not be worth it. I'd recommend you just make an IE6 stylesheet and position everything normally.

Also, great song choice (I love Snow Patrol!) - but it sounds really messed up - like when you slow down a record or something.  Not sure if it's just a bad MP3 or what.

Site looks really cool by the way, really loving the background pattern and how the yellow ribbon titles wrap around the content!

If it was the other way around I think it might be possible using some .htaccess mod_rewite stuff.  Read about that here: http://daringfireball.net/2006/05/htaccess_redirection

But I don't think you'll be able to do that from blogspot.  Best solution may just be an annoying banner or a link on each post to link them to the new site.

It's an interesting question that I'd also like to know the answer to, but I'm sorry I can't be of more help.


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Overall, I really like the design, and especially the logo - very slick!

One of the first things I always check is for valid code, especially since you put links for this in your footer.   Looks like you've got invalid HTML and I also highly suggest you not use HTML 4 doctype, but XHTML 1.0 Transitional at the least (especially since your footer link specifically sates you're using XHTML anyway).

I'm assuming this is either in a "testing" phase you maybe you just forgot, but the your MySpace, Facebook, XHTML, and CSS links in the footer are all left out.

You've also got some minor CSS errors and it looks like the link to your print stylesheet is wrong or missing. Also, linking to 9 different CSS stylesheets seems a bit excessive, I'm sure you can just put all of that information into a single sheet and thus make 8 less HTTP requests.

I really don't have any design complaints, overall it's looking great. The forms on "Contact" and "Request a Quote" are the only things that really jump out at me, the black BG with a bright orange border is a bit much for me.  I was playing around with firebug and I found this to look nice: (and I added a :focus so it changes when you're typing in a certain field)

/*contactForm.css (line 19)*/
input.text, textarea.textarea {
     border:1px solid #BF5505;
input.text:focus, textarea.textarea:focus{


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Got my tickets today, so now I'm going for sure.  I'll arrive the 16th and probably stay through the weekend until the 23rd.

Is anyone else here is going?


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Really liking it, and my only complaint right now is the repeating background pattern, it's just a bit too noticeable where the image loops.  I zoomed out in Firefox and took a screenshot, see what I mean?  I think it needs to either be lightened, a different image, or re-edited so the repeat line is less evident.

Looking good other than that!


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What I always try and do is print it out on paper at home so it's the same size.  It won't be as high quality as a real card, but if you can read the text fine here then you should be set.

Beware of some printing companies if you decide to use rounded corners.  I've seen some where you can see the cut where the corner was removed, thus not making it a smooth corner.

I've used http://4colorprint.com/ before and they're awesome.  I believe they have a free sample pack they can mail you just so you can get an idea of what all they can do.  If you want rounded corners, these guys do it right, it's perfectly smooth.  They also have "silkcards" which are very unique, the cards just have a silky texture I've never seen on a card before - it's worth it.