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p { clear: left; } ?

Edit:  I'm not quite sure what you're getting at - perhaps if you clarified things that'd help smile


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This is totally off the top of my head, but have you thought about using position: relative and a negative left value?


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Carrot has a good idea as well.  That'll probably be easier than mine, if you don't mind altering the db.


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If you're not doing a whole bunch of custom fields and what not in the template for those entries you could always just do a custom sql query... ({exp:query sql="..."})  I can help more if you're interested in going that route.


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Note that if you've got an issue obj you can do the following:

<% issue.articles.each do |article| %>
<div id="article">
  <h2><%= article.title %></h2>
  <%= article.body %>
<% end %>


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class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :issue
  def self.find_current_articles(issue_id = nil)
    if issue_id then
      Article.find(:all, :conditions => [ "issue_id = ?", issue_id ])
<% @articles.each do |article| %>
<div id="article">
  <h2><%= article.title %></h2>
  <%= article.body %>
<% end %>

That should hopefully get you on your way ... ?


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I'm using it as my "Facebook-only" browser, and it does the social networking thing very well indeed.  For what I use it for I like it a lot.


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I've been running it on and off for a couple months ... the only problem being that not all my extensions are compatible.  I agree that it's much faster, though!

Well, in EE you'd do something like ...

{exp:weblog:entries limit="5" orderby="date" sort="desc"}

That code won't be exact, but it'll be fairly similar to what you end up doing.

We'll need more information to help you ... what system are you using? smile


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I'm there ... where is everyone?

Montgomery - IRC has best been described as 'multiplayer Notepad' smile


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circleandy - you need to specify your li elements as being { display: block; } also ... that might help fix things.  If not, I think I've run in to this problem before (it involved the negative text-indent) but I'll have to take a look to see how I fixed it.

Karl, I emailed you.

var node = $$('.my_class')[$$('.my_class).indexOf(this) + 1];

Will probably do what you want.  Note that you'll want to check node to make sure that it is "something" just in case there is no next ".my_class" node.  (I mainly work with mooTools, but a brief perusal through the Prototype docs makes me think that the above code should work).

Edit:  The prototype docs show that indexOf returns -1 on failure.  In that case, the following might work better:

var idx = $$('.my_class).indexOf(this);
var node = null;
if (0 <= idx && idx < $$('.my_class).length) {
  node = $$('.my_class')[idx + 1];
  // do more stuff with node here

Amen to that.  I probably spend about 1/4 of the time on some projects wishing I could strangle the templating system (the backend isn't so bad - a little verbose to do things at times).  Just remember, that ultimately some things end up being much faster by just allowing php and writing the queries yourself; or, if they're not too complex, running them through the

{exp:query sql="..."} {/exp:query}


Due to the way EE is structured,


won't be interpolated in the template.  However, try something like this:

{if {more_text} != ""}<p><a href="{title_permalink="{segment_1}/article"}" class="arrowRight">More.</a></p>{/if}

EE's variables are not really variables, they're just indicators that say "if you have assigned x = y, anywhere you see {x} in the text replace it with y".  Hopefully that helps.


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Depending on how things go, you may also want to look at FreeForm

That looks perfect ... to be honest, then, I'm not sure why mail's not being returned.  If I may ask, where are you attempting to send to?

I would guess it's sent to whatever the "From:" header is set to.  Note that you must include that header in the additional headers argument to the mail function.

That should do it, or just input { outline: none; }  (use 'outline: none' rather than just '0' as that's the correct syntax)

What is the css selector you're using for submit buttons? (Or link to the page in question?)


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Some example code that should do almost exactly what you're looking for, at least in PHP:

	$q = mysql_query("SHOW DATABASES");
	$dbs = array();
	while($row = mysql_fetch_array($q)) {
		$dbs[] = $row[0];
	$queries = array();
	foreach($dbs as $db) {
		$queries[] = "(SELECT '{$db}' as db, name, address, pogo_stick from {$db}.table WHERE pogo_stick LIKE 'R%)";
	$q = mysql_query(join($queries, " UNION ") . " ORDER BY NAME");
	while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($q)) {
		?><li>A result: <?php echo " {$row['name']} lives at {$row['address']} and has {$row['pogo_stick']} pogo stick!"; ?></li><?php

As well, this page might be useful for you.


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A few quick comments ... in general, it's best not to assume, so the answer would be "it depends", but for the majority of the work I know I assume that styles are turned on, and most often Javascript as well (unless it's something pretty basic).  Since you're providing a service, rather than content, it gives you a little more leeway in not serving to the lowest common denominator.

Another thing to note, is that my definition of "application" is not just a few forms, I'm meaning something where the main focus of the website is providing this service, rather than some auxiliary services for a website who's primary focus is serving content.

I tried hooking Drosera (the Safari JS Debugger) to it, but didn't have any luck as I've got some third-party extensions and they just crashed it; basically right now I'm not sure what's going on.

Just to let you know ... I'm getting errors in Firefox too ("this.parentNode has no properties" - it'll take a little tracking down to figure out what it is).  There's a chance it's related to your IE error.

Edit: Safari throws an error too ("SyntaxError: Invalid return statement").