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Shouldn't this be an internal Microsoft toolkit to ensure that IE 8 is ready for the internet this time instead of the other way around?


Sometimes I just think the Google likes to say what people want to hear though.  I mean, some of their "software" is nice, like Gmail, but others are still quite unwieldy, like Google Docs and Google Reader (IMHO).

Just this morning, I was reading a blog entry from a developer who was with Microsoft, left for Google, and returned to Microsoft a year later, and his reasoning behind the move (ironically posted on a Blogger account). 

Back To Microsoft

It's an interesting read that shows that, while often praised and emulated, the Google way is not necessarily the best way.


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Monday, my father lost his job as his company did not get their contract renewed.  Please pray for him, as he's taking it pretty hard, especially with everything that's gone on the last 15 months (my mother passed away last March after dealing with breast cancer that reached her brain).  I know he'll land on his feet, but unemployment is never a good place to be in.

Thanks for your prayers, and if you know of a need for .NET or C# developers in the Pittsburgh area, let me know and I can pass it along to my dad.


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Just thought I'd pass this along, but I've been working on a series of critiques over at my If Jesus Had A Website site.  Hopefully they can be used both for learning, and allowing others to share their expertise as well.


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I know what you mean.  It seems that most media (including trade magazines) and PHP, .NET and Ruby developers just don't know very much about ColdFusion, so they keep saying it's dying.  If they took some time to learn what they're talking about, they'd find they were dead wrong.

I've been working with ColdFusion for almost 4 years now, starting at a time that was probably a low point for the product.  It was being reinvented under Macromedia, and was not in very wide use.  Well, that reinvention did the product good, and Adobe has picked up and run with that.  ColdFusion is now a very full-featured and robust product now in version 8.

To show how CF has grown, I've come across the site GotCFM? which lists all submitted ColdFusion sites to show how it is being used, and to what extent.  You'll see a number of very large sites on there.  In addition, you won't see on there the numerous government sites and internal applications that are run using ColdFusion.  CF is not going away.

As a CF developer, I actually have never had a problem finding work.  I've found that I often get more calls from job recruiters than I am interested, because there are more CF openings then there are jobs in most areas.  Sometimes you just need to know where to look.  Like you said, many listings on sites like Monster are awful because they are just looking for a "developer" for something "web related".  Chances are that these are also the same kinds of companies you don't want to work for either.

Keep up your spirits though, there's plenty out there!


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I'm a Trillian Pro fan myself.  It's worked very nicely for me for the past several years.


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Actually, ColdFusion is going as strong, or stronger, than ever before.  CF 8 came out this summer, which introduced a more stable and faster server, better PDF and image control, built in AJAX controls, server monitoring and much more.  Adobe has really helped to polish the language since taking it under their wings.

I personally use CF for both my personal development projects as well as professionally as I help to design supply chain software for some of the major steel companies in the US.  I find it's tools robust, flexible, and still simple to implement.  I had worked on websites in PHP before I began working with CF (version 6 at the time), but I found CF to be much more intuitive and I liked it so much that I went and got myself certified as a CF developer.

I've also worked with ASP.NET developers as a DBA, and I just found the syntax confusing and found it's need to be compiled for deployment to be detrimental, especially in a real-time implementation.  I also thought it was interesting to see the company I worked for pay a hefty sum for charting tools to tie in with ASP.NET, something which has been built into CF for several versions now.

Recently, the project manager for ColdFusion, Jason Delmore, wrote an interesting post on the features of ColdFusion, and why it is not free nor open source.  It's worth the read whether you're into CF or not, because either way you may not realize what you are missing.

As for the future of CF, they're already working on CF 9, and seem intent on helping developers do more with less (which is great because in the office that means more and easier code standardization).  I now can do AJAX refreshes with just a few lines of code now, and I'm sure the team has much more in mind for the next version, which will be the sophomore effort under Adobe.


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Nope, all I need is an iPod.


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Hmmm...mine only came out to $250 + tax.


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Just announced this morning.  Very exciting that they went from Beta to official release so quickly!

Here's the press release, and the product details page.


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I'm a fan of PowerArchiver, which has handled every compressed file I've thrown at it and has a very clean interface.  It was worth the $19.95 to register it!


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What I use is a hard drive enclosure, and then put an IDE hard drive in it.  Most enclosures can be purchased for $20-50, and then you can put whatever kind of drive you prefer in them.  I got a Vantec enclosure, and have been very happy with it.

Most recently, I used it in the case where I had the motherboard get fried on one of my computers, so I put the two drives I had in it into my enclosure and transferred all the data to a new computer.  Worked very smoothly, and didn't even require any additional software.


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Thanks Kristi...I missed that!


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I've never seen anything but negatives about Toshiba laptops.  My sister has one, and while it still runs, it was extremely slow even when brand new.  My sister-in-law had one, but it kept overheating and turning itself off every 20 minutes.  Just not well designed.

I liked the Sony VAIO we got about 3 years ago, and it was pretty sturdy.  However, a lot of little things went wrong with it (some flukes, like the touchpad dying after 3 months, and some disconcerting, like the screen losing power and the clip holding the power cord in place falling out).  Since we got it at Best Buy with the warranty, after 4 repairs we got to get a replacement.  We looked at their VAIOs, but were not very happy with the looks of the build quality of the ones in the store.

Instead, that replacement has been a new HP laptop which we got several months ago on the day Vista came out for consumers.  I've been very happy with it.  It solidly built, has plenty of power, and is half as thick as our old VAIO.  It's my wife's laptop and she drags it everywhere for grad school, she's been very happy with it.  I'd definately recommend it as well.


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I couldn't find the feeds on that site.  Am I just missing them?


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Jim, I bet that was cool.  Wish he would have come around here so I could have done the same.  However, we've got one of the other developers coming next month to our PitCFUG, which I'm planning on hitting up.  CF8 definitely has some great features I'm looking forward to using (an have already started some with the beta server).


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I've been running Avast on my XP desktop and my wife's Vista Laptop for several months now, and we're very happy with it.  It updates it's definitions often, and doesn't hog resources.


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From what I've read and heard, this sounds like a wayward venture for Apple.  Word is that it renders slightly faster than FF, Opera, and IE, but has numerous bugs and a fraction of the functionality that can be found in the major windows browsers.

If this is Apple's attempt to reach out to the average windows user, they sure didn't seem to put a lot of effort into getting it right.


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Yea, Skillet's new album is awesome too, probably their best to date.  It does seem like they re-invent themselves each album, and they've had great staying power.


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I got it set up on my home workstation the other day.  The nice thing is that you can run it side-by-side with CF7 if you configure it correctly with the built-in web server, so I can keep my existing environment and play with the new beta stuff.

And if you want some direction on the new features, definitely check out Ben Forta's blog.


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If that's the impression you got James, you should ask for your money back.  Either they didn't teach you right or you weren't paying attention.  Clearly, most people get in a framework of how they like to do things through the language of their choice, and in that respect the framework from PHP to ColdFusion is night and day.

I do find the phptocoldfusion.com blog an interesting read, which describes a programmer's journey from PHP to ColdFusion after changing jobs.  Each language has it's strengths and weaknesses, and it's interesting to read them from a perspective of someone who's worked quite a bit with both.

Oh, and Nathan, I can also tell you that a good percentage of the US steel industry is powered by ColdFusion since that's what I get to work on daily now.


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A new site was started recently showing many of the sites that are powered by ColdFusion.  Thought you guys might be interested in seeing them:



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Well, my mother is back out of the hospital already after receiving gamma knife radiation treatment on Monday, but she's still going to have to go through several months of radiation and chemo treatments.  Thankfully, it looks like she will be just fine, but the ongoing treatments will have her wiped out for a little while.

Thank you all for your prayers, and praise the Lord!


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Yea, I've heard about this, but they, like BlueDragon, seem to be a few years behind the curve set by Macromedia and continuing to be set by Adobe.

It'll be great if it helps to grow the ColdFusion community, but it still has a long way to go to be seriously considered a ColdFusion alternative.


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Please pray for my mother and our family.  My mother went in to her doctor on Saturday due to headaches and illness, and was quickly admitted due to a mass in her brain.  This comes just a week after she moved from her home of 15 years to the Pittsburgh area.  She's getting the best treatment she can now, because thankfully my wife is a neuro nurse and knows the best doctors in the city, but it is difficult on her and us (especially since she's been a breast cancer survivor with no signs of a relapse for over 3 years now).

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.