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for Echo Conference:

Hey all,

I've opened up for freelancing with Front-end (XHTML, CSS, Javascript) development. I can be dangerous with PHP, My/SQL, Wordpress, etc. I really enjoy helping with all things UI.

Just a side note... working on a Sencha Touch (HTML5 Mobile Web) App.

This candidate will be capable of jumping in on backend feature development and bug fixes on our e-commerce application(s). Those applications include,, and a couple of "small" e-commerce apps. Our development platform is object-oriented ColdFusion with an MVC framework and SQL Server for the database engine. Although prior experience with ColdFusion is not necessary for this position, enterprise application development experience is required. This candidate may be a Rails, PHP, or .NET developer, or may even lack Web-specific experience, provided that his or her design skills, OO problem solving, and SQL skills (not the DBA kind, just the dev kind) are excellent. A good candidate will already have an excellent grasp on design patterns such as MVC.

Click here to see more details about this position and other positions

Working for RT Creative Group

At RT Creative Group we have a relaxed environment that includes freedom to experiment with new technologies as we develop a long-term strategy for our business on the Web. Salaries are competitive and commensurate with experience. Salary packages include 401(k), 100% employer-paid medical and dental insurance benefits, paid vacation and sick leave, covered parking, and annual salary reviews.

Echo Church Media Conference is giving away one of either a Dell Mini 9 netbook or a Flip Mino HD camera... all you have to do is fill out a 1 question survey!

No purchase is necessary.

-- Dan

I spent some time looking for a nice video gallery application that used Vimeo as a backend, but I couldn't find anything. So instead I used some of their API to pull in videos from our account. When you click on one it uses oEmbed to basically hot-swap the playable video. Turned out alright, what do you guys think about the Echo Conference Video Page or website as a whole?

Appreciate it.

-- Dan

I had the honor of developing the website for the second year of the Echo Conference. 

I tried to do the following:

XHTML Strict
CSS Compliant
Javascript frameworks (using Google AJAX API):
- jQuery
- jQuery UI

Tried to support IE6, IE7, Safari 2, Safari 3, Firefox 2, and Firefox 3 (based on Google Analytics from last year's site) with a minimum viewing area of 1024x768.

I think there are still a few minor things here and there, but I wanted to get your opinions on design, content, and development accuracy.

Check it out

Thanks guys!

-- Dan

Editorial Intern - COLLIDE Magazine is seeking an editorial intern to assist us in the publication of our print magazine and in the generation of fresh content for

Video Editor Intern / Motion Graphics Intern - If you are interested in telling stories through film and video or you have a love of motion graphics and compositing, we would love to have you at Igniter Media (

WorshipHouse Media Intern - Worship House is looking for an intern that seeks to learn in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Accounting, or any other business function. We are looking for a utility person, who is team oriented and is not scared to jump in and help out (

RT Media Group Finance Intern - RT Media Group is looking for any interested parties that would like a summer internship to help with the business, marketing, and accounting side of our four divisions: WorshipHouse Media, Igniter Media, Collide Magazine, and Echo Conference. We are looking for a utility person, who is team oriented and is not scared to jump in and help out.

For more details visit

If you love all the different facets of web development, from back-end database and application coding to user interface design, all in a relaxed and flexible environment, then this is the job for you.

RT Media Group maintains four points-of-presence on the web:,,, and The right candidate will be enthusiastically involved in all web applications development at RT Media Group (including the sites above) and be able to weigh business decisions against technical ones. This person will participate in determining application requirements, software design, and implementation of the application. At RT Media Group we have a relaxed environment with lots of freedom to experiment with new technologies as we continue to develop our businesses on the web.

For more specific details about this job visit

Echo just recently released the latest Promo Video.

More and more people are lining up to see the outstanding Keynotes and Breakout leaders.

Check everything out at

ECHO | Church Media Conference
August 14 - 16, 2008
Watermark Community Church
Dallas, TX

Check out the Keynotes we have lined up.

As well as the Breakouts

"A conference for church leaders that love using media, technology, and the internet to be more effective in sharing God's story."

Check out the Teaser Video


I am a web developer with experience in PHP, ASP, mySQL, MS SQL, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, AJAX (if you call that a programming language), and have toyed around with .NET.

I currently live in Little Rock, AR but I am willing to relocate to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

If anyone knows of any open positions or would like a copy of my resume please contact me at:

del914 AT gmail dot com


-- Dan

Sweet, those are actually the only things I could find, of relevance, while Googling.

I can't wait till CSS3... oh but we are still waiting on CSS2 to be fully supported. :-(

I would use two divs as well. Or place one div with a background image and actually put an img tag (html) in that div and have a class that bumps it down to the bottom right corner. But that would be the same as two divs, just a different approach.

BTW, Natalie I love your site since Reboot.

No, I do not have the answer for this. I was hoping someone would have seen a tutorial or knows how to make the equivalent of 2 backgrounds in one div. I'm thinking of a div with a image positioned top-left and another image positioned bottom-right that would allow only one div declared in the html, the rest done by css.

Think of it as a kind of challenge to use the least amount of code possible.

I know a table equivalent can be done with one table and put one image as the background and other in a cell, but I think that defeats the purpose of tables. Don't you think?

Maybe you can help.

I need to know how to connect text fields to the Insert Command so I can insert those values into the database. I already switched to SQL, and I have a SQL Datasource on the page. How to I take control of that. I have a normal submit button on my form. I know the I can change the Click commands so I tried Me.sqlDatabase.Insert(), but it gives me errors all the time.

This is really hard to explain because this is such a robust application. I am using the full version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Like I said, NEWBIE! ;-)

Thanks for the assistance.

The point of this project is to finish it in the least amount of time possible with as little effort. This is not going to be used for use on the internet or for heavy use. I was just going with Access since it was what I know. (I know MySQL, but Access I can send through email along with the web files.

I could still use more advice/assistance. Thanks.

First off I want to say, I am a complete newbie when it comes to ASP.NET. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for this project.

Essentially, I am just trying to setup a basic form that I want the information, when submitted, to be inserted into an Access database. How do I go about setting up the database connection and running queries?

I am more familiar with PHP so, maybe you could compare that for me. Or give any good references, there is so much on ASP.NET that its somewhat confusing.

I have a friend that uses Ecto to post to his blog. I couldn't find anywhere on their site mentioning it posts W3C compliant code. For blog systems like WordPress or TextPattern, and to keep with compliance it would be beneficial to have something that posts compliant code.

Has anyone heard of any good desktop blogging tools for this use, or anyone use anything that works good?

I have played with Flock, but haven't tested to see what kind of code it outputs. I assume its compliant because its made by Mozilla...


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I know I could probably look up dictionary definitions or something but I was wondering what you all thought about the difference between having pride and having confidence? Obviously concerning the Biblical perspective on pride.


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Yannick Lyn Fatt wrote:

Nice idea to add this topic Nathan and Dan VanMilligan.

Hey, not a problem. I just thought that everyone would benefit from a discussion about accessibility. Churches (or anyone) may have questions or problems they need help with. Isn't that why we are here?

You can just call me Dan, thanks! (last name is a little long, wink  )


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I guess I better stop lurking around here and post some info about myself.

Well, hello everyone, my name is Daniel VanMilligan. I currently reside in Little Rock, Arkansas. I work two part-time jobs and I am a full time student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Web Design/Development is a hobby that I really enjoy and would love to get more experience in.

I currently work on Konfabulator version of ColourMod. I like all things technology and art. I got married earlier this year, and we just got our first house. When I am not online or working on computers I am spending time with my wife. Also, Christ and Computers is my passion and am very interested in how these two (especially through the web) can effectively work together.