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IMHO, the drop shadow should be outside the grid. Imagine if you had a box that did not have drop shadows -- you'd want it to align to the edge of your other boxes, and not the shadows of the boxes.

Another way to do this besides negative margins is to just remove the margins on your grid class, and apply your own margins/padding to accommodate the drop shadow. You can use an id, or try (Warning: Shamless plug!) a little plugin I wrote for 960:
http://www.asimplecell.com/articles/con … tem-plugin


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Will be praying. It's so easy for me to be self-absorbed in my own problems. I'm reminded that a loved one's health is far more important than any worldly comfort.


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Hi all. Haven't posted here in quite a while, mainly because our lives have been consumed with things beyond our control, esp stressing about escrow. Now that it's closed we've been thrown another huge curveball. I was concerned about our new condo being near power lines, so I bought a gauss meter to do some readings.

Good news is, it seems like our power lines are the low voltage kind and has little effect on the condo, BUT what I did not consider was that the main electrical panel is on the other side of our living room wall. If I get close enough the readings go off the charts. What's more, the master bedroom is on top of the living room as well, and I'm getting some hot zone readings there too. Needless to say, we're really stressed and depressed. After spending all this effort into buying a place we now feel uncomfortable living there -- even though the research about EMF effects are rather controversial. But I don't feel like I can afford to take that chance. I called to have an EMF specialist come by to consult, but even I don't know what will happen.

Worst case scenario, I might considering selling the place. Actually, I'm starting to lean towards that, because I can't imagine how I will feel safe in the place. Not only do I not feel safe there, the potential remodeling costs have shot through the roof, and that's pretty depressing as well. At least the good news is we haven't started any remodeling yet. And if we do sell, I don't know how I'm going to tell our parents. I don't know if they'll get mad.

Prayer for wisdom and guidance much appreciated.


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I like the #godbit idea too. Anything that will help to keep this forum alive smile


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Hey Deborah,

Yes, I enjoyed "meeting" you too! Seems like quite a few have (permanently?) moved to Twitter. But that way it's hard to reach people, esp when they don't follow you back tongue

It'd be nice if more were back on....


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It's hard to tell how much business they get, since they don't really talk about it that much. But I guess it's enough to warrant a merger.

The forum is quiet.

Oops, fixed!

I recently volunteered to do a website for a small ministry organization called China Partners. I got the design started, but recent work and other responsibilities are really cutting into my time available to work on it. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to donate time to work on any or all of the following:

1. Design (started, first mockup here: http://www.sutoyo.com/files/china_partners/home.jpg)


3. WP implementation.

Any help would be appreciated! BTW, they would like have this done by Sept 1.


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Here's my two cents. The requirement for Photoshop could be due to client ignorance. Maybe it's a good opportunity to educate them? Isn't that what we try to do with web standards?

As for the Photoshop vs Fireworks thing, I try to maintain the position that it's not about the tools. Use whatever works for you. Like you said, the end-run is the same.

FWIW, I'm using the wrong tool. wink


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You're probably better off serving gif files to IE6, especially if they're laid on a solid color. It's just less headache, imho.

Just wanted to second the comments. Seems like what they want to do will cost more than just using DVDs.


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Well, I'm no expert in OO-programming, so I could be way off here big_smile Here's my 2-cents on the subject: a type selector can be a class, e.g. h2, and you can create an instance of the class by declaring h2 or h2.someclass. You add attributes to the h2 class by using 'someclass' instead of using specificity. Beyond that, I think the OO metaphor just breaks down. So yeah, the name makes SOME sense, but can be misleading too.


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I calling it "object-oriented" makes some sense, though I don't think the author laid it out very well. It's definitely useful in a large site, like the one I maintain at work. CSS code that I wrote months ago is starting to become really complex, and I wish I started using this approach earlier. I agree though, that using this on a small site might not be necessary, but it definitely is a good place to practice.


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Nice, the custom cut is a slick touch. I wonder if there's any way to ensure the different blues show up properly in the final prints? I always get kind of paranoid about that...


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Just a little shameless plug for a small plugin I wrote for the 960 Grid System. Sometimes, though infrequently, you might not be able to the "alpha" and "omega" classes. So here's my little workaround:

http://www.asimplecell.com/articles/con … tem-plugin


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Great start! Another way to address the right margin problem might be to tweak the movie and music review boxes. Right now the pictures break into the margin, which does create a bit of tension. Some things to try might be to move the pictures in the box, or making the box thinner?

Another comment on the line height. Perhaps we can also bump up the line height for the text in movie reviews?

It's looking good!

The package seems pretty complete. Not sure what else you have in mind?


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Thanks guys! I tried ffmpeg and it didn't work for some reason. Looks like we're leaning towards using Flash...

Any recommendations for Mac software to convert high quality video from Quicktime to Flash? The more affordable the better smile Thanks!


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I'm having some trouble getting TXP's error_default to render sometimes. And I'm only asking this because I'm getting attempted page views for these URLs. For example, on two of my sites:


don't give me 404 pages. And just to test, I tried:


and that gave me a 404 page.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?


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Looks promising. Thanks!


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I understand this is tricky and perhaps not recommended, but it is possible to style the select element such that the drop-down arrow is not visible? Or, is it possible to change the color or look of the arrow?



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Thanks for the tips. Rates are something I don't really like dealing with, but inevitable.


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A coworker of mine is looking for some HTML/CSS help for his freelance web gig. The design and back-end is taken cared of, so all I'm responsible for is the HTML and CSS. Any advice on a fair rate I can charge would be appreciated.

I got it to work -- just in case anyone needs it, I had to add a virtual host to the bottom of my /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file

<VirtualHost txp.dev:80>
ServerName txp.dev
DocumentRoot /Library/WebServer/Documents/textpattern/

I also edited /etc/hosts    localhost txp.dev    broadcasthost
::1             localhost
fe80::1%lo0    localhost

sudo apachectl restart and I'm up and running with clean urls on Leopard.

This thread helped: http://forum.textpattern.com/viewtopic.php?id=27345

Thanks for letting me know it's possible, Dan. smile