I'm available for this project. Just sent a pm with details. Let me know if I can help.

Hey guys, this is site we're working on


The problem is a small one, but irritating. We've set the "Bride Login" to be active when the page loads by giving a class="current". We then use javascript to change the class="current" to "Vendor Login" when clicked, and back to "Bride Login" when it's clicked. You might notice, The first time you click on V


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stripped down or not, this site is gorgeous. great work! one suggestion: get a favicon up there.

The rest is awesome!

Oh and also, tried clicking on the red bicycle link and it never would load. Kept trying for several minutes.


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I changed this post a bit and move it to http://godbit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4435 hoping that it'll get a better response. I've fixed part of the problem, just a gap remains.

Thanks for any help.

Hey guys, Not sure what's going on here, but if you check out http://visualmpact.com/index2.html you'll see I've marked the td that contains the flash with a background of yellow. I need need make the yellow go away, thus causing the flash and the navigation to come together.

I've tried adjusting margins, heights for the td and tr, nothing seems to work. Any ideas?



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I should have mentioned: I didn't do the initial layout, and we're not going for an overall redesign or recoding, just updating the navigation. I don't like the table-based layout, either. But, I'm not it much of a position to say otherwise.

Trying to get the flash header listed at http://visualmpact.com/index2.html to look like the http://visualmpact.com/index.html -- Even though the table and the flash are all the same width of 900px, it isn't working properly. So, in order to compensate, I manually shrink the flash header down to 885 in the object code and then used css to nudge it left 15px so the sides align better. It still doesn't look right, though. Any help?


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Okay, I've worked out some of the issues, mainly because I was using em's to pad the navigation. Big no-no on my part. Thanks to Brandon for telling me about line-height.

Now if you check it out in IE7, It's showing up almost perfectly, except for being a couple of pixels to the right of the border.

In FF3+ and Chrome, The line isn't showing up much at all. And the hover image is stretched out just slightly over the bottom of the nav.

Lastly, the "more" links that are on the Blue Box Headers--I can't get them to push back up. They are a span of h3, floating to the right. margin-bottom and padding-bottom yield zero results. Any help?

I really appreciate your help!

UPDATE: Okay, I've gotten some of the issues fixed, but I've resorted to using negative margins/padding to get it to work. Not valid, right? Anyone offer any other clues? Thanks!

Is there some funky bug I don't know about for getting <li>'s to display inline in IE7? Because mine won't. Here is the site.

Thanks in advanced for any help you can give me.

Thanks for the help, folks. Going to stick with Coda. If for no other reason than my PPC Mac Mini will probably groan under the strain of it. Plus, I just love Coda!

I've been using Coda for a few months now and really like it. At the moment, I'm installing Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium which of course has Dreamweaver. I haven't used Dreamweaver since my college days back in '03.

I like Coda, but might consider DW if anyone can give me a good reason why. I saw this other post on a similar topic, but thought we might give it another go-round because Coda has been much improved since then.

So, should I switch back to DW from Coda? What do you think?

(btw, I plan to try DW out regardless, but would like to hear what you folks have to say before I do.)

Okay, I don't know what happened, but it got fixed. It also fixed my jquery problem. sweet!

Thanks anyway, guys.

Well, the real problem is I'm trying to figure out why my jquery isn't working, but while investigating that, I came across a problem that may be related.

go to www.rocketno9.com/js/ and try to click on the "shadowbox" directory.

This directory very clearly exists in the txp, and the js directory and everything inside it is set chmod 777.

Any idea why I'm not at least getting a list of the files in that directory instead of 404 error?

UPDATE: Found that if you know where to go, you can still get into a directory that's inside the shadowbox directory, ie: http://www.rocketno9.com/js/shadowbox/src/

C.Barr, how smart of you to recommend it to me. I actually decided to ditch the home brewed fix and install accordion. But alas, another problem!

I've gotten the accordion playing almost perfectly, but It appears to be contradicting with another element of jQuery: Lightbox.

Check out www.idealpop.com/gallery and you'll see what I mean. For a split second, you should probably see about six or more images in a few of the li's, but by the time the page is fully loaded, all of the thumbnails are gone but one. Lightbox still works, however. I just have to click one the one thumbnail and and click the "Next" and "Prev" links like normal. But I can only get 1 thumbnail to show up.

I've tried adjusting the options for .accordion("disable"), but no luck. Can anyone help?

I'm looking into nyromodal. I might just use it, depends on what my  CD says. wink

Okay, that did the trick! had been using mootools for slimbox, but switched over to thickbox and everything began working fine.

Thanks, man.


Thanks for the help! I hadn't really thought about it interfering with mootools. I'll see if there's any real reason we need it, and move it out of the way. As for the "why" on jquery, that's only part of the function. I want it to toggle on and off, but figured I'd take it one step at a time. Thanks again!

Bump. Anybody? 36 views and not one reply? C'mon guys, I really need your help.

First, check out

Pretty simple, right? All I want it to do is to hide a certain list item.

Okay, but if you go to

See that list item that says "dummy text"? It's supposed to hide, but it won't.

fyi, I'm using textile to get the list items, but I don't see how that would matter.

Please help!



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Just want to chime and say thanks for all the great advice. My company is having a very similar situation and I knew I could count on the folks at Godbit to deliver sound advice.

One of our sites that is using textpattern just recently discovered a problem: if we add a forward slash to the end of the url, all the links on the page want to open in relation to that page. IE: www.example.com/monkey/ would mean that if I hover over the about link, which goes to www.example.com/about, the status bar shows www.example.com/monkey/about

does this make sense?

If we remove the slash, it corrects itself, but we're worried that if a user accidentally includes a slash for some reason, they'll get a broken site.


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UPDATE: This error has been fixed. It was the fault of my webhost; which has recently had a server malfunction earlier that week. The good folks at Textpattern Forum pointed out that it was a php error, and my webhost guessed correctly that it was because I wasn't using php5. He modified the .htaccess file for php5 and all was well!


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I searched it, but found nothing. I haven't ever posted anything there. Will give it a shot.


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I did. It's actually 777.

Just upgraded to 4.06 and when i try to upload an image, I get this notice: " Temporary directory undefined, please update your Advanced Preferences." I checked the Advanced Prefs and all looks well. I passed on the diagnostic check, not sure what's going on here. Any thoughts? We can't upload images now via the traditional images tab.


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Hey all,

This site breaks in IE7. I am not sure why, and I've heard that IE7 breaks a lot of our CSS hacks. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!