Thanks Jim for the feedback. That's what I needed to read. I especially agree with you on the red background, that it is too strong.

I'll continue to work on the logo so that it doesn't bounce around.

Hello Godbit family.

I've just redesigned my church website and I need for you all to give me some honest feedback. One thing that is bugging me is making the site pixel perfect for IE6. But I guess everyone has issues with this browser.  Here are the issues that remain.

All IE6 related issues:
1. The logo jumps to my desired position when hovered.
2. On the Times & Directions page you can't see any footer information.

If any of you could give feedback with some helpful tips to fix these problems, that would be great!


Thanks Godbit family.

Hello everyone. I have finished the design and currently coding a redesigned website.  This site url is

It looks good in Firefox and IE 7+. The problem is that not all of the transparent png images are truly displaying with the transparency effect.

What's happening is that some images with a transparent shadow border are recognized by a png fix I found while browsing for a solution.

I'm using a fix where you have to include a 1px by 1px transparent image named "clear.gif".

All the code for this fix is setup properly (I guess).

Could someone take a look at this issue to see what I'm doing wrong in IE6.


I'm in the middle of the coding phase of a website and I'm stuck. I've searched high and low and can't find a good open source app for online Newsletters or just sending updates to a collected list of email addresses.

I need something simple. The "sign up for updates" form to accept email has been coded and ready to go but I need to add the functionality to it.

Can anyone help?



I'm trying to find the animated gif image that usually sits in the upper right hand corner of website to toggle music on/off?

Anyone knows where I could find one to download or a tutorial to create one?

Thank you.


Hello everyone,
I've finished my business site for web design and would like any feedback (good or bad) you could give. 

Please browse through the site and let me know what you think.



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I have a select box that needs to display a selected value and have the ability to change other values from a db table.

Does this look right?

Here's my code so far:

<span><select name="minorGroup">
<?php include ("include/dsp_minorGroupUpdate.php"); ?>
</select><label>Minor Group</label></span>

==Include file (dsp_minorGroupUpdate.php)==
function getOptions('tblMinorGroup', 'ID', 'minorGroupName', 'minorGroup');{
    global $conn; //the connection handle
    $id = $_GET['ID'];
    $minorGroupName = $_GET['minorGroupName'];
    if (empty('minorGroupName')) 'minorGroupName' = 'ID';
    $result = odbc_exec($conn, "SELECT ID as v, minorGroupName as d FROM tblMinorGroup") or die (odbc_error());
    if (odbc_error($conn) == FALSE) { die (odbc_errormsg($conn));}
    $i = empty($_POST['minorGroup']) ? NULL : trim ($_POST['minorGroup']);
    $return = '';
    while ($row = odbc_fetch_array($result)){
        $selected = $i == $row['v'] ? 'selected="selected"' : '';
        $return .= "\t<option value=\"$row[v]\" $selected>$row[d]</option>\r\n";
return $return;
echo getOptions('tblMinorGroup', 'ID', 'minorGroup', 'minorGroup');

I need of help. Thank you.


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Anyone have any experience with PHP, MS Access, and JS?


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Thanks guys. That helped.

To All,

I have purchased and tried to install a ssl cert from Go-Daddy on my cPanel account. After sorting through tutorials online, I could not find how to install the ssl cert successfully. The arrangement on my the cPanel is different from many tutorials.

This is of immediate need, so if you would please contact me for the setup.


What would be the easiest way for a church to receive online donations? I understand it also depends on the estimated amount coming in. Whether it is $100/mo or $10,000/mo.

Should I setup the following:

ssl + merchant account
if so, what are the best options for each (ssl & merchant account)




sign up with a service to pay a monthly fee for the ssl (shared/individual) + merchant account.




If anyone has any spare time I need a PHP/MySQL guru needed asap for e-Learning project.

Please contact me by private message for project details.

Thank you.

Please contact via private message or

Hello. My name is Gerald and I own a company here in Virginia called 578 Media Group. Recently, work has increased and I don't have the time to complete all the jobs in a timely fashion.

That is where my need begins. I need talented web designers to help with a wide range of work. From flash work to blog design. You name it.

This is what I need:
Flash designers
Graphic Designers
Administration staff
Database administrators
E-Commerce gurus

My goal is to:
assemble a group of talented individuals with skills to tackle any web project in ample time,
learn from each member the latest web techniques to become a better developer myself,
ensure the best possible solution for our client provided with 100% satisfaction,
and most importantly, have fun!

Contact 578 Media Group now for your next opportunity.


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Did not recieve an answer from anyone. Still need some help.

Here is the structure for Slideshow Pro:
.xml > images folder > .swf to read xml to read the images.

Items to make it all work:
web page, image folder, images, .xml, .swf

It all works offline in my Homesite 5.5, firefox, and ie. Followed instructions exactly. Loaded everything successfully. Same results.
Able to view the background of the gallery but not the images.

At this point clueless.


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I need some assitance in Flash 8. I am new to Flash but somewhat familiar with the inner workings and layers.

I need help in where to start. Should I start with some tutorials or could anyone out there have some free time to mentor me in the program.

Thank you in advance,


To all,

I cannot get ssp to work online. Offline it works great but that defeats the purpose. I have checked the SSP forums and still cannot resolve this issue.

To anyone out there, please help!  I have three projects that will use the tool.

In need of immediate assistance.

For starters, I would to thank the creators of this forum and site. What a great idea.

At this time I need a little help with the html and visual design.  Soon I will submit a concept of the next look of to the Godbit community.

Any ideas or feedback anyone would like to offer it would be greatly appreciated.

New layout design and site will have include the following:
CMS - undecided (suggestions preferred)
Photo gallery - slideshow pro
colors - purple and gold

and so on.

Hello everyone,

Here recently, my work has increased quite a bit. It seems that some of the skills that I lack, need a little touching up. So in order to polish my skills and create a stronger portfolio I need a few people with a diverse background in web development.

These are the skills that I need assistance with:
Graphic Design ( for logos, newsletters, stationary{letterhead}, & site layouts ) right now tutorials online are not cutting it  for time's sake
Content Management Systems
Server scripting (coldfusion-preferably)
OOP [Object-Oriented Programming] ( demand has increased for this one for some reason )
E-Commerce ( a big definite )

Please help. I already have two well known developer/designers helping me out answering questions when they are not busy working on their projects. Need about two more I guess to help as well. The more, the merrier... <-- Possibly typo.

If you want to send me a private email please do or maybe we can chat over the phone to more detail.

Thank you in advance.

Installing Movable Type for a client and I need a little help.

I am at the final phases of the install right before the initial log for the first blog and I am receiving and error "Can't find default template list; where is ''? Error: Bad ObjectDriver config: Can't open '/path/to/sqlite/database/file': Compilation failed in require at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MT\mt-load.cgi line 150. "

I checked the help docs with Movable Type and I can't find an answer.

Anyone with this experience please help, because the deadline is coming up soon.

Thank you in advance.


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Just install on a win xp pc web server in a client's home. Clean install. User does not have MySQL, php, or Perl.


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First I would like to thank you all for the help recently with all of your comments and suggestions. I am leaps ahead of where I would normally be at this point.

I do have another dilemma. I have a contract out there now that I would like to complete but I need help asap.

The issue is with Movable Type.

I do have some experience creating blogs but I have not installed and setup a blog on a personal web server nor have I used Movable Type.

I am due back my client's facility tomorrow afternoon and I do not want to forfeit this contract. Please help.

Thank you in Advance.

Tell me what you think:

Please, don't be too harsh. Have any pointers, let me know. I'm open to constructive criticism.

Thank you.


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From what I understand, wireframes are the functional layout of websites. The background of the site, without the images and the eye-popping flash. Purpose is for user to understand how the site will function.

Also I think is is software that one would download. Uncertain though.


(4 replies, posted in Cold Fusion)

What is the fastest way to learn cf?
Anyone know any good resource for hosting and how to do wireframes?

Thank you in advance.