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I don't know how to do what you are talking about, but something like Perch or Unify might do the trick. Both a pretty cheap, and easy to setup. I've not actually used Unify, but Perch is great for simple sites.

I hired a copywriter when I did the latest version of my site, just to finesse the copy and it went well. I've suggested to a couple clients that I've worked with a copywriter, and she could help them create content.

I was surprised at the prices, it was quite reasonable.


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Looks nice. Very clean.


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Thanks everyone for all the great info. If anyone has anything else to add, this is helping me get a better, more well rounded view of Joomla.


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I think Perch or Unify might be what you are looking for. Michael Boyink recently was looking at both of them for a project and ended up going with Perch. You could contact him if you have more questions.


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That extra space is coming from the #primary div, and I think it is because you are pulling the p up. I think that space is where the p is supposed to be in the normal flow, and when you are pulling it up with a negative top property, the space is staying there. I think you would be better of to make the image a background image on one of the div's, then position the p using margins.

Also, in Safari the text seems to be too large for the box. Let me know if you want a screenshot.

Really like the look though.


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I've enjoyed Godbit in the past, and it has helped me a lot. I'd also like to help others where I can, but I've found it hard to remember to visit on a regular basis. I've stuck it in my feed reader now, so maybe you'll see more of me in the future.


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Working with a grid would be a great idea. I think from where you are, you can either go minimalist, or dress it up with some graphical treatment. Either way, make sure there is a strong structure. A bit more breathing space between vertical sections would help too.

I like the start, I'm just not sure where it is heading.


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I've heard lots of arguments for EE and Wordpress, and use Textpattern myself, but have gotten the impression that Joomla isn't a serious CMS. I don't really know how I got that idea, because I don't think anyone has ever actually said that to me.

I've seen lots of ads on Craigslist looking for Joomla sites, or help, and I'm wondering if it is worth learning? I really like Txp, but the only other thing I've tried is Open-Realty (a real estate CMS). After Txp, the lack of flexibility in OR drove me crazy.

So I guess I want to find out what people think about Joomla, pros & cons, etc.



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I'll throw my hat in the ring, if there are invites to be had.

Many thanksl

I think it may depend on what information is going to be on the site, and if the target audience is drastically different. For example, a youth group might have a lot of information and want to own it's identity as a distinct part of the church. For the kids site, it really doesn't seem necessary given the amount of info on the site. I'm also surprised that the Children's ministry page doesn't seem to link to that site.


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Looks great! Really like the header


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I think I've finally got my new site ready to go. Hoping for a few eyeballs before I go live. I'm going to add a blog to it, but that will be later.

Would love any feedback.


Looks good. A bit cluttered, but given the type of site and the audience, I don't think that is a problem.


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Nice... feels a little empty at the top, but I like the typographic details in the blog entries. And read a couple of your movie reviews, great writing!

To avoid posting people's email addresses directly on our church website for small groups contact info, etc, I have set up email forwards for everyone, so they all have @wsquare.ca email addresses that forward to their actual ones, and I use obfustication. However, that does not get through to hotmail accounts, so I need to look at something else.

Any advice on the best way to do it? I could post their actual email address, obfusticated. Or use a contact form everywhere? Any other ideas?


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Yeah, pet peeve is the subjects that don't tell you anything useful, or the people who always send with the same subject.


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I really need to get back involved in the forums... Sorry guys. +1

Getting around to following you guys, but in the mean time http://twitter.com/lesreynolds

Image rotator looks fine for me on Safari on a Mac. Nice work Dave.


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Here are some examples of different options.

http://patterntap.com/tap/pattern/85438 … 0b5be9bf81
http://patterntap.com/tap/pattern/18657 … 0b629b2933


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Maybe instead of a border, if you changed the pictures to greyscale, and then have them in colour on hover. Or desaturate them.


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This is what I chucked up quickly, not a great example, but it is something to look at.


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don't have a lot to offer, but I like where you are going.

I'm guessing that you are showing orange for the page you are currently on, and the circle for hover?


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Yes, the about me section. That looks better.

As for the border, something like this - it's not great, but that's kind of what I'm getting at. Unfortunately I'm having trouble offering a great solution, it just doesn't seem quite right.

Yeah, the Progression site is working now, not sure what was happening before.

As far as the Safari colour issue, I found this information - this, and this


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Congrats, that's really exciting news. Will be praying for you on the job front. It is great to hear that things are going well with the freelancing. I was in a similar situation when we were pregnant with our second, and it is amazing how it all works out.

With all of our kids we've had the baby in our room for the first ~6 months in a small cradle, because like you we didn't ever have a spare bedroom. So doing something like that may buy you some time.