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I'll be there!  Can't wait to reconnect with you guys.  I've fallen of the GB map over the last few years. 

Bringing a good chunk of the desiringGod Web crew as well. They're looking forward to meeting folks.

Yup, but key in all of this:  You are not allowed to use it to make Web sites that you sell.  If you are charging (ANYTHING) to make your Web site, or are paid to make Web sites, you must have a full commercial license (unless you work for an educational instituation and are desigining / deving for that institution).

It is not simply a cheaper way of buying the software.


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What about asking them to post synopsis with links back to the original?  That will probably reveal their motives...  Also, if the mission of the two sites are in line, what about recipricol links?  (More God stories here...)


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I have some photos and video that I'm going to put online soonly!  (Larry, stop laughing.)


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Nice work, Nathan.  Great article.  Congrats on getting it published.


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kob wrote:

So question...the Godbit site shows the dinner at 6:30 but Upcoming has it at 7.  Which one is it?

Dinner is at 6:30!  See you there!


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The Weblogs Team: (Mark Priestap, Erik Sagen, and Myself) will likely be there with bells on!


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praying.  wow.


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Montgomery wrote:

Based on the situation that occurred at the Webmaster Jam Session, it might be worthwhile to think about how to get all the attending Godbit folks together.

What situation??


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I'm definitely going to check you guys out, just because of your signature line. :-D

Thanks for the info.  I'll be in touch.


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Our church (stonebrook.org - new site coming soon) is in need of a complete refresh of our printed materials.  I'm looking for a small company (or very skilled individual) who has a lot of experience putting together excellent promotional print pieces.  We will be redoing everything from our informational/promotional brochures to our in-house training materials.

Right now I am collecting quotes and getting a feel for who is out there so that I can set a budget.

If you are a great print designer, know someone who is, or are aware of a company/ministry that does this sort of thing please let me know.


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Alright alright, what can I say, I love blogs.  :-D 

I'd probably go with EE if there was any chance of a site scaling.  The majority of my work has been for small, small, business sites, with very limited potential for scaling.  It's been perfect for that.


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Anyone else going to FOWD Nov 7-8 in NYC?  Mark Priestap, Erik Sagen and Myself will be there from Weblogs...  I know there are several other Godbit folk going too.  I'd love to meet up while we're there.


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Wordpress is also a very formidable CMS these days.  And since you are already familiar with it, it might be a good direction.  Nathan is just a bit biased wink

So, now you have three good options.


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I've heard of a lot of Godbit folk who are headed to FOWD in Novemenber.  We should meet up for dinner together while we're there.  Mark Priestap, Erik Sagen, and I will be there from Weblogs.  Who else is going?


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A friend of mine got it and was very disappointed.  But he's a hardcore linux sysopp and I believe was trying to do things with it that were not supposed to be done.  I think for the average relatively-tech-saavy-but-i-don't-want-to-mess-with-it type (like us) it's perfect.


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Hey guys, thanks for responding.  If you could send me links to some of your work, and give me an idea (range) of rates, etc. that would be awesome.


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I'm looking to network with a few good designers to help me out at DirectSteps.  The work would primarily be church/ministry related site design (.psd / .png site comps).  I'm not sure of volume yet, this is a new phase of business I'm exploring.  But if you are a freelancer looking for some work, let me know smile



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I'm really digging this, as well as the new Kaleo site.  Inspiring.

The CMS continues to rock and improve too, Drew.  Thanks!


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Thanks Deborah!


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Does any data exist about the effect of link text on SEO?  i know that from an accessibility/usability standpoint, the more descriptive the text, the better.

Here is a more concrete example:

I'm working with a brand that has a sub-section on a specific keyword, they want to be "SEO optimized" for.  So, I link to their sub-sections like so:

<link>[Brand] [keyword]</link>

They want to have the link look like so:

[Brand] <link>[keyword]</link>

Does data exist for things like this?


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I believe that Dreamweaver was a big factor (maybe second only to Flash) that Adobe bought Macromedia.

But I second Nathan's Textmate or Notepad ++.  If you are on Windows, I'd go with TopStyle.  Check out Coda if you are on Mac.

/edit: using English this time...


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moved this to XHTML because that is where it belongs.


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swfobject uses the flash satay method.

use it. smile