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All I have to say is... DO WANT. There's a lot of potential in this device (note the word potential). It is obviously not meant for your typical computer user, or even us web design geeks. Tablet computers have been around for a while, and they've had lackluster success. Perhaps with Apple refocusing the tablet computer, making it thinner, lighter, using an OS that's _meant_ for touch computer, perhaps tablet computing will finally take off.

If I didn't play an MMO like I do now, I'd seriously consider getting one and using it as my primary computing device.


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How about a wannabe Aussie? I've never been there, but the culture and scenery are enough to make me move there if given the chance and the money.


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I second FF Matrix... It's pretty much a required extension (thanks AJ!). But yes, if it's running as a weblog, just use one entry per request, and categories as needed.


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I know that I've learned IMMENSELY from Boyink's blog and Train-ee.com and I especially love the {show m-EE} feature on his Train-ee example sites. The EE forums are next to useless sometimes (but when there's a good thread, it's golden), but as he said, eescreencasts.com is good, as well as devot-ee.com.


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Any update?


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I haven't used the Ekklesia360 system, but having met with Drew Goodmanson and James Martin (with MonkDev, the people behind Ekklesia360) they've almost got me sold. It's a bit on the pricey side for a small church, methinks, but on the other hand you get some great support from great guys. I'd seriously look into it.

Also, take a look at ExpressionEngine. There are a bunch of EE geeks on this forum, and Michael Boyink is putting/has put together a tutorial series specifically oriented toward churches. Check it out at train-ee.com


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Maybe the dearth of projects is God trying to tell you something?

Not I, unfortunately. I'm going to the Internet Ministry Conference October 20ish, though...


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*cough ad*

Oh wait, congrats! smile


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Like Ben said... try it out. It's free. Find out if it's something you'd use on a daily basis. If not, it's probably not worth it. See this post for a list of Godbitters that use it.


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You should move to Tallahassee instead. It's so much cooler wink  (Disclaimer: FSU alum)


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I was thinking the same thing... too many questions, not enough self-exploration and curiosity! If you have a question, go explore it! Asking us what we do is good and all, but sometimes I think you rely on our answers too much. Don't be a carbon copy of everyone on this forum... find yourself and your wants and your likes and your dislikes, instead of adopting our wants, likes, and dislikes. Just be yourself... Lord knows you don't want to be us! smile


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Yes, you must pay self-employment taxes.


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Honestly, it feels more like a blog than a serious business website. I don't think the mockups lend them any credibility to talk with any sort of authority about my finances, when their own website looks it didn't have much money invested into it.


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I'd say you can't go wrong with either DFW or Austin... they seem to be really big in the web world right now, and that probably won't be changing.


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I was going to suggest checking greatfirewallofchina.org to see if the site was blocked, but it seems the site doesn't provide accurate results anymore, so they closed it down.


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Now I'm getting concerned that they're 'interviewing' people in order to get free comp work tongue Regardles...

I'd probably make the 5.5% a LOT more noticeable... after all, that's what they're advertising -- their low rate.


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I'm concerned that the flames won't print well on a shirt. With silk screening you usually have to have objects that have a defined edge.


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I'd go with a gothic font... that's what I seem to see on a bunch of biker jackets and related paraphernalia. Check out http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=401 for some ideas. Here's a reference (but they're pay fonts) that you might look at also http://www.myfonts.com/browse/keyword/motorcycle/


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Knight wrote:

However, from my observations, it appears as if this bickering will not be a huge issue--the mods seem to nip it quickly, and I'm glad.

And we're glad you've joined us. I welcome differing opinions in conversations, so long as it doesn't degenerate into name-calling or riding on one's high horse. Our jobs as moderators are to facilitate discussion and, when needed, guide discussion or end topics when discussion has ceased and bickering has begun. Just remember to kiss and make up afterwards wink

We hope your time is enjoyable here at Godbit, but please remember this is a site primarily geared toward web design, programming, engineering, and user experience.


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Alright guys, since this has broken down into personal attacks on both sides, I'm closing the topic. Please respect each others' opinions and lay off the personal attacks.


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Deborah: It was in "preview" to a few people. smile


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I say just wash your hands of them. I'm no freelancer, but everything I've read and heard from others tells me this is a bad deal.


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AT&T is selling refurbished iPhones for $250 a pop...

Maybe that'll help some of your initial sticker shock smile