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Tom, I am very sorry to hear this.  I will be praying for both of you.

I don't see any problems.  Can you post the page somewhere so we can see the whole thing?


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No Problem.  Glad I could help!


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It looks like all of the links have an id of "fancy".  The id should be unique for each element.  Maybe try assigning the links a class of "fancy" instead of an id and modify the jquery selector to use a class instead of an id.

Great!  Glad I could help.  Nice looking site!

I missed this the first time around,  hasClass returns a boolean.  It does not select elements with that class.  You need to select the div elements by class name.

There is probably a cleaner way, but give this a shot:

$("div[class*=" + this.className + "]")

Within an event handler, "this" refers to the element bound to the event.  In this case the dfn from the hover.

I'm just getting into jQuery and JavaScript, so take this with a grain of salt.

It looks like you are assigning the class name of the hovered element to a variable named define, then passing the string literal 'define' to the hasClass function.

Maybe try


Or skipping the variable altogether


If you have multiple classes assigned to your dfn elements, then I think these are returned as a space delimited string.  This could throw of the hasClass comparison.

It sounds like your old copy of windows is an OEM license which is not transferable to new hardware.

http://blogs.msdn.com/mssmallbiz/archiv … 25681.aspx


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You might check out Umbraco.  I haven't used it, but I'm going to take a long look at version 4 when it comes out (it's currently in beta) for a project at work.

Umbraco is asp.net and open source.

My wife kept a week long diary for Country Magazine.  It has just been published.

http://www.country-magazine.com/2008/AS … mp;OrgURL=

Editorial note:
For those of you in the Louisville area, you will know that Oaks day is not a traditional day for planting herbs.  It is our family's traditional day for putting out our garden and flowers.  The editor had to shorten the article a bit and that specific editorial change was not quite correct.

Congratulations to her!  Woodworking is one of my hobbies and I am a FWW subscriber.  It's a nice looking piece; she's got my vote!


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+1 for the XP downgrade

We have Vista on our home laptop (Gateway MX-8734 refurbished).  At first I only used it for email, web browsing, etc.  and I wondered why everyone was so down on Vista's performance.  The boot time and login time was much faster.

However, as soon as I tried to do anything "serious" with it, the performance fell off pretty quickly.  I tried to download and install WAMP so that I could play around with PHP at home (I work on mostly Microsoft stuff at work).  Even simple operations such as file copy, unzip, install, etc.  took forever.  Maybe others have had better luck with Vista.  I really don't have much experience with it since we are still running XP at work.


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We have several VAIOs at work.  Mine is a VGN-FS960P with 2GB of RAM.  Overall they have been solid machines.

The one complaint that I have is that the hard drive is incredibly slow.  I rarely come close to full utilization of the CPU or memory, but I'm constantly waiting on the HDD.  My VAIO has a 4200rpm drive (pretty much standard at the time since it is almost 3 years old).  I see the laptops that you are looking at have 5400rpm drives.  I would seriously consider getting a laptop with a 7200rpm drive.

Regarding the memory, most 32 bit systems can't handle 4GB of memory.  3GB is about the usable limit in most cases.


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maspick wrote:

Well, it's not uncommon for smaller server farms to use characters from mythology to name individual servers. smile

Wow.  That is a blast from the past for me.  We did this at my first tech job about 10 years ago. smile

Our local ISP did the same thing.  Of course, they were bought out by a larger firm which went with more standard names.


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I'm praying for you too.  I just went through a similar moving dilemma a few weeks ago.


<!--[if gte IE 6]>
<script type="text/javascript" src="myjsfile.js" ></script>

Should prevent the file from being loaded in IE 6 and all non IE browsers.

If you want to exclude only IE 6 then this might work:

<!--[if !IE 6]><!-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="myjsfile.js" ></script>

I don't have IE6 at home to try this, but here is where I got the information from:
http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/2 … _comments/


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I will pray for both of you as well.

If the loan is a student loan, you may be able to request a hardship deferral or forbearance.   This could buy you some time to come up with a repayment plan.

If you decide to seek financial advise or counseling, please be cautious.  Someone certified by Dave Ramsey or NFCC/COA is probably less likely to try to rip you off.

My wife and I have been through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book and it was helpful.

It's probably a difference in default margins between the browsers.  I checked the site using Firebug and the default top margin in Firefox was about 18px.  Setting it to 15px was not a very noticeable change in Firefox.  I am guessing that IE7 had a much smaller default top margin.

Sorry this is a bit late to be of much help.  Glad you got it working.

Sorry, I'm still not seeing it.  Am I looking at the right page?
http://www.bayschools.com/mhs/pages/sch … _info.aspx

The links on this page are green with a dashed underline when visited (the same as not visited).  I cleared my cache to make sure I wasn't viewing an old stylesheet or something.

If you mean the School Info link on the main nav, then yes it stays white when visited.  Is this the issue?

I don't think I see the problem that you are describing.  The visited links that I checked were green with a dashed underline.  I am using FF

Is there a specific link that has a white visited color?


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Well...our house is on the market.  We decided to move close to our church and farther away from where I work.  The deciding factor was that we just didn't think we could handle subdivision life so we decided to stay in a rural area.

We found a house that we really liked, but the deal fell through.  There has been quite a bit of interest in our house so far, but no offers yet.


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Thanks!  I will look into both of these suggestions.


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My church is in need of a content filtering solution.

We are currently using bsafe and it is not adequate.  We really need a network based solution, but not an "enterprise" class solution.

Any suggestions/recommendations?



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I have been calling it like this:

Today's date is: <script type="text/javascript">
var todaysDate = new Date();
<br />
The first of the month is: <script type="text/javascript">
document.write((new Date("04/01/2008").toString("yyyy-mm-dd")));</script>


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I am just starting to dig into JavaScript as a programming language and I am trying to do some date formatting.  I found a few examples, but many of them seemed to be a little more complicated than what I really need.

Here is what I ended up with:

String.prototype.lpad = function(padString, desiredLength)
	var i;
	var paddedString = "";

	for (i=this.length; i< desiredLength; i++)
		paddedString = paddedString.concat(padString);
	paddedString = paddedString.concat(this);
	return paddedString;

Date.prototype.toString = function(format)
	var year = this.getFullYear().toString();
	var month = (this.getMonth() + 1).toString();
	var day = this.getDate().toString();

	format = format.replace(/yyyy/, year);
	format = format.replace(/yy/, year.substr(2, 2));
	format = format.replace(/mm/, month.lpad("0", 2));
	format = format.replace(/m/, month);
	format = format.replace(/dd/, day.lpad("0", 2));
	format = format.replace(/d/, day);
	return format;	

//call like this: myDate.toString("mm/dd/yyyy");

It seems to work fine for what I need it to do.  Do any of you more experienced JavaScripters have any suggestions or notice any glaring problems?