Did you ever get this bid out? Do you still need help?


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don't know if many over wear two hats but I am the communications director at New Hope Community in portland oregon and the worship pastor there now and this was the funniest thing ever. It was a christmas audition tape I found and wanted to share it with you peeps cause when we work in church sometimes we forget to not take ourselves so seriously.
http://iheartfold.com/news/best-christm … tape-ever/

oh man that freakin funny. thankns

ok people, look at/sign up and get mojo please
add me [hsojeel]
then rock out to the enormous goodness of our collective music libraries


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their last album was off the hook but this new one honestly sounds like they spent too much time with Micheal W. Smith and now they can't find themselves again. I guess you could say, don't buy it but don't throw it away if you get it free.


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calm down, calm down. I am sure he didn't mean to say that evil is a good thing. He is just letting us know about something that really engaged him, let's not start flaming him because of it.


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http://gawker.com/5002269/the-cruise-in … o-suppress


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hey thanks guys, yeah I meant the movie poster thingy. I already got the accordion working sweetness thanks to pnomolos. thanks for the links everybody I will dig into this now.


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Hey guys,
Does anybody here know of a tutorial to make something like apple has for their movie trailers on their startpage
scroll down to the left you will see "Movie Trailers" and you can click the arrows to scroll between the different movies, that is whhat I want to know how to make.

Any help would be appreciated.


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sure, will do in a bit


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I know that we on this forum don't really do stuff like this, and I hope it's not frowned upon but I wanted to see if anyone here wanted somethings before I put them on ebay or craigslist. I'd like to do this where the prices are cheaper but buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees.
All items have links to pics and if you'd like more than let me know.

My email hsojeel [at] gmail [dot] com

Reasons for selling: Life

No presure but here are the things I have for sale:

Original Xbox:
-4 wired controllers
-4 wireless controllers
-One xbox system
-Dvd remote
-and 6 games; Halo2 (in a halo 1 box), Fifa 05, MVP baseball 04, From Russia with love, LOTR: Return of the king, Tetris Worlds, Fight Club
-All the cords and cable for the system
Full shot
Dvd controler shot
Controllers shot
Games 1
Games 2
Price: 150.00

Xbox 360- Premium ed. 1 year old, barely plaid on:
-Full system with 4 wireless controllers
-Wireless headset
-A extra monster converter cable to play on a vga monitor or tv
-New hd-dvd of the planet earth series
Full Shot
Up Close
Monster cables
Planet Earth
Price: 400.00

60gb video iPod:
about 1.5 years old, you can have all my music that is on there (roughly 25gb), all legal, just ripped from cds. Or i can delete it, whateva.
-Ipod a/v cable
-Speck case
-Ipod shuffle dock for extended usb length (not in picture)
-usb connector (not in picture)
Full Shot
Price: 175.00

ewwwww that would be sweet. since you work for aol you think you might sneek a few comp tickets?

....man that was redneck of me smile

@Djr- what i just showed you with my frontpage link was indeed a small google bomb if you will. I know frontpage is not good, you know it. But does everyone ; )
@nathan-good words, it's just that i really got into wordpress and we like each other smile

frontpage all the way baby.

heck yeah guys, glad to see we have some radiohead peeps here, I wasn't able to give this week but totally going to here soon.  I was excited to see that someone paid 1000 bucks for the album too.  search digg for the story.  Hope to hear more peeps getting the album.

I haven't been able to listen to the whole thing but the first 3 songs are great.  Very texturally deep, lots of ear candy if you will. smile

http://humandef.com/2007/10/18/get-the- … -for-free/
Let me know what you think of the album


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Wanted to share another desktop with you guys.



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no title yet, got one in mind?


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Just wanted to let you guys know that buy.com has zunes for 99 bucks.  Just got one, I don't thiink you can beat it even if you are a die hard ipod lov'r. smile
http://www.buy.com/prod/microsoft-zune- … 71424.html



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some sound arguments, but I'd like to hear from ryenski and robert about what they think before you go either way.


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no disrespect, I was feeling silly. doesn't really mean anything. i apologize if it freaked u out, def not my intention.


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wow, ctrl+c really helps. smile had to say it sorry.


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I don't know man, I kinda am seeing it as a separate thing, not many people use the other one I think because it didn't have a clear use defined for it, at least I didn't think it was clear.  Whereas this web design group is just that, for web designers to get critiques for their stuff.  Maybe if you can find the person who started the other one and get them to sort of change it so it more reflects a purpose and not just an amalgamation of stuff then I would be cool with that.  But singularity of vision for something really gives it steam.

Just so you know, I am not trying to do this to make things more complicated, I want to do the opposite smile