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Hey, thanks for the prayers guys. (I thought I was subscribed to the replies but apparently I wasn't.) She's doing well. They gave her some medication and the numbness cleared up though we're not sure if it was the medication itself or not. The doctors aren't even sure what it is. She'll be going for neurological tests. A few of us are of the opinion that she may have pinched a nerve in her back while helping her fiancé move. Who knows. Thanks again for all your prayers.


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Early yesterday morning my sister was admitted to hospital with a numb left arm and leg. They've done CT and MRI scans and are now waiting to send her for neurological tests. Please pray that she receive healing either through divine intervention or through wisdom and ability imparted to the doctors.


A little while ago I switched MIME types to application/xhtml+xml in order to serve my XHTML as XML. The trouble was that all of my 3rd party scripts (like AdSense or the Technorati Badge) stopped working because they used document.write() to output their content.

When I wasn't able to find a suitable solution to this problem I wrote my own fix I call DocumentWriteOverride (original huh? wink). Enjoy!


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Typecast 1.4 (release) is out! I've gotten the realtime masking--finally--working like I wanted it to (though there is a bit more work to be done for "complex" masks as well as the addition of regex support). Next though I think I'll concentrate on making the Suggest behaviour Ajax pluggable. The tough part will be in making it smart enough not to hit the server on every keypress.

Colin: I wasn't able to see the browser's auto-complete pull-down but I've made the disabling of it configurable, so you can control that now. I'll have to make the positioning of the Suggest output area configurable to so as not to conflict with the browser's own window.

K, well I'm off to bed. Lemme know what you think...


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I've put Typecast 1.3.1 up because the cursor and backspace problems have been fixed and I think I was able to turn the browser's autocomplete box off which was conflicting with the Typecast one. But, I'm reworking the entire masking "engine" so as to get it to behave exactly like a regular input field would when it comes to selection, backspacing, deleting etc... right now the characters don't shift over when you delete or backspace. That'll be fixed soon (in the next release hopefully).

In the meanwhile: Would you prefer to define the mask in the input field (in an attribute) or in the typecast.config.js file? I'm leaning toward the latter... makes for a cleaner implementation.


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bfjosh/all: Hey, I got the backspace working better and then I set out to tackle the delete button (to make it really work like a real delete button) and got a little bogged down. getting all the characters to shift left by one turned out to be a bit harder than I'd thought. It works now but I'm having a bit of a hard time "revealing the mask" as the last character entered shifts over... I don't know if I'm making much sense--not easy to explain--but all that to say that I came to the realization that I needed to change some of the base code to get it to work properly  (need to spend a little time thinking about it).

Also, a couple of people have pointed out that the rel="" attribute breaks the validator so I'm considering either putting the mask in the title="" attribute or in a completely separate namespace like tc:mask="". The latter may cause trouble across different browsers. We'll see.

No new releases just yet though until I get the delete button working.


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Typecast 1.3 (development) is now online. Realtime masking now supports alpha and numeric characters and is working better than ever before. For example you're no longer limited to using the mask characters in your field like so: ##/##/####. Now you can do this: mm/dd/yyyy and still have it only accept numeric characters for the input. I've put together a few examples to illustrate the new functionality and I've even included some implementation instructions!

Once again, all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy! :-)


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Typecast 1.2.2 (development) is now online. I've fixed up the realtime masking and it's working quite well. I need people's feedback on the way that it works though because the backspace/del feels like it's an old-school dumb terminal. Then again, it behaves like the INS key is active so maybe it's okay. Please lemme know! (and enjoy! ;-)


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Typecast 1.2.1 (development) is now online. Fixed the realtime masking problem in IE and made it a bit less fragile.


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Hey, wow, thanks for the positive feedback. I should eventually post a "release" version and develop other features appart from it so as not to have people using potentially buggy code. For now though it's in full development mode until I get some more of the basics finished (i.e. I really want to get a basic version of the masking working).


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Ack! I made a typo in the link to the Typecast page. It's fixed now, so enjoy!


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So I've started work on Typecast. I call it an Input Field Augmentation Library. The idea is to provide commonly used/desired functionality that isn't available in the plain'ol HTML input field. Some examples include auto-completion, suggestion and realtime masking. I've been working on it for less than a week--in my free time--so it's very much "in development" though the auto-complete/suggest functionality is pretty close to being done. There are of course a bunch of things I want to add (see the todo list on the Typecast page). Oh and for all you tech-heads out there, it's completely unobtrusive and fully OO. I also try and optimize the code as much as possible to keep the performance level decent.

If you're reading this, I'd like your feedback. Pleas, go mess around with it. Copy it, use it, try and break it. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see.