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Montgomery wrote:

I would love to see you all again, but won't be attending SXSW this year.

Wish Mrs. Montgomery happy birthday from all of us! smile   I recall you flying back to FL for her birthday last year.


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For folks heading to Austin for SXSW, you're cordially invited to gather with other Godbit friends Monday night, March 15 at 6:30pm -- TGIFriday's at the Radisson Hotel.  SXSW badges are not required. Feel free to bring along family and friends. Each attendee is responsible for his/her own meal cost.  After dinner everyone is welcome to linger and talk more.  Our official RSVP form is at Upcoming:

SXSW Godbit Dinner 2010 @Upcoming

An RSVP is not mandatory. You can arrive unannounced, but we would like to know about how many folks will be attending so that the restaurant can plan accordingly.


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Sounds great, Helmut.  I'm in.


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I've confirmed our reservation with the manager, Peter, and created the Official 2009 SXSW Godbit Dinner invite at Upcoming!  We'd appreciate if you could indicate that you will attend and indicate the number of guests you will be brining.


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try removing the whitespace between the topContainer and the containerWrap.  IE6 gets weird about whitespace sometimes.  Just a guess.


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Just a heads up for the 2009 SXSWi attendees: Bryan Veloso does not have his event website up yet, but he is taking reservations on UpComing.  This event sold out last year (52 lanes with 6 people each!) and is a great people-meeting event.  I'd recommend putting in your reservation now if you think you may attend.

Oh, and I'm looking for a team to join smile


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If three years makes a tradition, then it appears that monday night is the Godbit night.  This year falls on Monday March 16, 2009 at 6:30pm.  How's Monday for everyone?  Also when you reply, answer this follow-on question:

Would you be open to "staying afterwards" ?  It's been my experience (for the two years I've attended) that once the bills are paid, folks lingered for quite a while chatting and meeting with folks they didn't sit near.  I could check with the venue to see if we might be able to reserve that side room for that purpose after dinner.  Comments?


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I will be attending again this year.

TGIFriday's seemed to work well with folks in the past, and I don't mind coordinating with them (if that's where we decide to have it.)  We just need to decide what evening to have the gathering.


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Both of the units you mention feature Intel X3100 Video -- which means there's a chip on the motherboard that uses system RAM for video.  I recommend dedicated graphics chips over stealing system RAM for video, especially on notebook computers where you don't really have the option of adding a video chip after purchase.

That being said, I'll state that at home I'm running Vista on an ultra-small form factor desktop computer with Intel integrated video and it has performed very well.  With 4GB of RAM.  And a clean OS install from scratch without any preloaded junkware. I always format the C drive of a new computer and reload the BIOS, operating system, and drivers from scratch.  This is not for everyone but I did it at Dell for three years so I'm used to it.


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Okay, Ryan asked me to make the reservation and I did.  Here's the Offical Upcoming RSVP Form to help us plan for attendance.  And I thought I'd throw in a prize for the person who travels the furthest to dine with us.  Are the Alaskans attending again this year?

We're back at TGI Fridays -- sorry it's not indigenous Austin, but it's hard to beat it for convenience, family-friendly, kid-menu-friendly, and large-crowd-friendly.  If the bats arrive before SXSW (don't hold your breath) you can view their departure from the Congress Ave bridge from the TGI Friday's patio at dusk.


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I'm in.  Monday is fine with me also.  Montgomery, I can help identify indigenous-Austin-family-friendly-and-close-to-downtown restaurants if you need suggestions.


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in your css file

body { background-repeat: no-repeat; }

and if you want the splotches to stick to the top of the browser instead of scrolling with the content

body { background-attachment: fixed; }

...and you can apply this to a div rather than the body as shown above.


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Brad, Wow -- I completely glossed over your name (sorry-about-that) in Todd's article.  Yes, small world.  I'll be looking into this over the next few months. Congratulations on your partnership -- can we expect to see you at next year's SXSW ??  smile


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Thanks everyone I suspected this was the case.  Tank, sorry for the very programmer-ish IDE acronym.  It stands for Interactive Development Environment. 

I've seen older versions on ebay but those owners may have upgraded (and you can't verify whether or not they did or did not) so I feel weird from an ethical standpoint about purchasing the product through ebay.  I'm more inclined to go the pricegrabber route at this point.  Thanks again.


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* cough * <shuffles feet>


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Nathan,  as an aside -- I am interested in developing a site or two with SSP but I don't currently own a Flash IDE.  Over a week ago, I emailed Mr. Dominey asking for advice on the lowest-cost development environment for SSP.  I have yet to hear back from him.  Perhaps this community can help answer my qeustion: What IDE do you recommend to someone who does not own a Flash IDE (yet lists ActionScript on his resume -- oh the irony!) and wants to develop a site with SSP?  Who has the best prices?  I'm looking for the lowest cost of legally and ethically obtained software.  No, I'm not a student.

Edit: oh yeah --  on Vista.


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I've added my name.  That's the restaurant that overlooks the Congress Avenue "bat bridge."


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You might find something you like at Layout Gala


[editing]  oops already mentioned.  Okay how about this one:

YUI Grid Builder


I see improvement already.  Only 197 errors today. smile


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Try this:

var boxHeight = document.getElementById(txtID).offsetHeight;


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Hi,  The dropdowns look great to me in IE7 Final.   7.0.5730.11 in the about box.

It looks like IE was looking for a background color for the UL element.  If you are still seeing the problem in your IE7 - is it the final version or a Beta version?


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This renders correctly for me with IE7 RC1 on WinXP and IE6 on Win2003 Server.

If you fixed something let me know, but if you still see the problem my guesses are:
* early beta version of IE7
* graphics driver on your Vista machine

Try bringing up the site in VGA mode with the default Microsoft drivers.  If it looks good at VGA and bad with your Vista drivers at full resolution, I'd suspect the drivers.

Seems the folks over at GoogleCache have a Flowchart to help folks decide whether or not to create an all Flash site


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Nathan, I would agree that the setup you describe is the absolute best setup there is.  For me, the technologies used by YouTube or MySpace don't carry much weight.  What convinces me that you setup is best is that it provides fallbacks for folks who don't have Flash.


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ben, the site looks great. Because this site beats 95% of the sites on the planet, i had to turn up my critical meter to "ruthless" to provide feedback. 

There seems to be three different navigation schemes going on here and it gets confusing.  There's "services" at the top then three links for "My services" below.  The "services" page shows two services and the "My Services" link list shows three.  The three left-side links don't really do or say anything other than list client websites and encourage your visitor to leave (the website says "visit site" but it really is encouraging people to leave your site.)  Also, a standards-based designer site should be able to handle visitors with javascript disabled.  Also I did have to hunt a bit to find your home link (on your masthead).

I would beef up the "details" portion of each portfolio site.  Four, five, or eight paragraphs describing what they do and what you did and how they love it.  Then link to the details page of a portfolio site from the home page rather than sending visitors directly to that site.  That's what you want from a home page link right?  To get folks to dig deeper.  The details page, of course, will have a link to the live site.