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We use this site frequently at my high school to practice vocabulary.  In a 40 minute period most students get 2000 rice grains on average.  It is a wonderful site with a wonderful goal.


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No, ChristosPeople is not up and running.


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James,  oh he is still around.  He has been without internet for awhile.  As for ChristosPeople, it has not been forgotten.


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Well the hard thing with the Friendsofed book is the face that is outdated by one year.  Which is not bad, but I have Rails 2 on my computer.  Rails is really fun though.  I find ruby's syntax quite interesting.  I come from a php background and it feels like another world.  Down to the core it is just my love for objects that brought me to ror.


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Hmm, that makes since. I was leading to that conclusion but the book that I am reading misguided me with that.  Thanks


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I sat down with Rails Solutions by friendsofed last weekend I ran into a small error.  When I was using Migrations I got the understanding that if I change a migration file and then use rake db:migrate it would update the database.  But after testing this I only seemed to get it too work when the database was empty.  If tables already exist then db:migrate does nothing.  If I make a new migration it will than make those changes.  I am using Rails 2 on mysql.


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After months of attempted redesign I have finally hit a design that I like.  I have most of the html done.  The code is xhtml 1.0 strict. Their should only be one error and that has to do with Apple's search type for the input field. Which is a very insignificant error. In safari 3.0 I tend to have a glitch with display: inline. It will expand the entire tag cloud into a string.  Firefox so far hasn't shown any errors.  And I haven't got the nerve yet to try IE.

Im expecting problems in the css since my experience in CSS isn't much.  The photo section stills need to be built and the journal section just has to be finished.

Note: All links with the exception of the main navigation will fail to load a new page.

Old Design
New Design


As the Conference comes nearer. We should start a list of the guys going to it so we can try meeting up when we get there. James Finley and myself will be sponsoring. We would be glad to meet up with anyone of you at the conference.


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Well, saving the time and validating with Javascript is useful. But if you want validation you MUST do it with php also. Anything a user sends to you must be filtered to be the correct content. Otherwise, a user could simply turn off javascript and load harmful data into your system. So I recommend doing both. Just remember, javascript is not the logic layer of your site, it is the simple interaction. PHP is the important piece that actually plays with the input.


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I like the ease of use, but something about the interface bothers me. In some ways I feel like I'm looking at a table layout because of the boxiness. I like that you use fam fam fam. Although there are two many icons for my taste. I like the simple setup for the music section. The way you displayed the albums is very appropriately.

Overall, the system runs fast, has a consistent interface and seems easy enough to use for the common user.


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We allow you to post prayr anonymously. But you need to have an account.


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Name:   Tom Krush
contact: Gmail = T.Krush@gmail.com | Skype && AIM = krush8906
website: http://zehira.com
status:   Almost always on skype, rarely sign onto aim.
topics:   {css, javascript, php, design, Ministry(Starter)}


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Larry wrote:

Ah ha! It all makes sense now.... very clever.

Lol, market research is a fun tool.


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I would like to direct you guys over to another topic. I was doing a bit of research here to see what you guys like in a cms. You guys are welcome to look at the work in progress.



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There is a universal property. It can style every element on a page. It can also style all descendants of a particular element. Hope that is what you are looking for.

* {
   //Do This


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Many of us today watched a long game between the Colts and Bears. It's sad that we lost, but it is just a game. It was a good game though.


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What are some features you wish systems like Textpattern or Wordpress should have?


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BroChris, when you said CMS's offer to much, did you mean that there interface is too comlicated to learn, or a CMS should just have simple functionality?


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When you are developing a church website, what do you look for when you are choosing a content management system. Also what systems do you prefer to use on your projects?

I am not looking for a cms, just getting an idea of what Godbit users like.


I'm a Chicago Guy and I definitely am with the Bears. It would be the first time they win the superbowl in my lifetime. I came close once with the cubs and I don't want to feel that kind of disappointment again.


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A quick way to solve this problem to is load all states of the navigation at once. To accomplish this you need to use the background-position tag in CSS.
Below gives a example on how to achieve this.

I just wonder what the program will be like when it comes out of beta. I just hope the price isn't too high.

I was searching around the net and I found a neat program called crossover. http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/. Now this program only runs on the intel macs. I mainly will use this to test websites in IE6 and IE7. Anyway heres a screenshot of my experience.



I recommend using phpMyAdmin http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/index.php . This program allows you too work with mysql straight from your browser.



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Well I have been showing Bindr a full cms built on ease and the use of plugins in the Website Critique area but I figure it needs to be here now.

password= demo

Right now you may notice that it doesn't work. Well today I tore apart the url system and built a "command line". So only the Write page works. And it only works a little. But that will be working again soon. Then I will rebuild the rest of the engine based of the code in the Write page.

Anyway for those of you haven't checked out the topic heres the details.

Bindr is a cms that was based orginally off Tranquilty http://godbit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=516.
The system is weaved around an extensive plugin system.
The plugin engine is specifically designed for various client requests that will be integrated into the system without any major changes to the structure. 

What makes this different from other CMS's? Well Bindr allows you to focus on scripts rather then setting up the backends layout. I don't need to spend 1 hr just setting up forms. I can edit something like

$addField = array(    'add',
and get a complete set of forms without thinking about it. Nice thing is you can change words like input to textarea and it will change the type of form.  It is really simple. When I create the ide for it in Bindr it will allow the average user to rewrite the backend of Bindr. Now that is a nice feature.

New Features:
-The address bar acts like a command line because it can be more powerful then the actual interface. It is in reality just setting different varibles that are entered into a array and sorted through interaction with ra scripts.
The link below would just change visual aspects of the application.
    example    "www.yourDomain.com/Bindr/index.php?action=view&meta=queryType-blog/id-56/css-false/

-RA scripts (resource/action) Resource scripts are sets of variables.
                        Action scripts are emtpy shells that execute actions when resources are present
-Easy integration for full Ajax. (not yet started) I have to still practice more ajax examples.
-One php file changes entire layout and css.
-Once plugin system is complete the system can grow into a network tool by setting permissions and adding more users through Administrator

Experimental Features:
-Use personal mail that is only accessible through Bindr
-Easy integration for full Ajax. (not yet started) I have to still practice more ajax examples.
-Use of muliple types of Databases (Built for Mysql)

Deadline for Bindr 1.0 August 22, 2006
This will include a complete plugin system that does nothing. I will shortly after add blogging support. And then start creating plugins for clients.