Oy - I just flat-out would't put the print res images out there if there is a concern about privacy.  It'll just be a technical puzzle and a user irritation that would provide no actual legal ground to stand on if an issue came up anyway (because you could never prove who actually clicked on "I agree"....).

Either implement EE member accounts and put the full size images behind templates with member-access set, or handle the print res images outside of EE (and the web) entirely.

FF matrix is cool, but unnecessary in this case.  Set the name field formatting to "none"  and mark it up in the template with strong tags and you're done.


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Build a site with the items that you want, then do a database backup of it.  Restore it into a new EE install.

Time-wise it'd probably be a wash though with having to change paths and all.

IIRC EE 2.0 will have some changes in the install process that might make this process easier.


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In the rush to get the annoucement out everywhere, I forgot to thank fellow Godbitters Ryan Heneise and Robert Evans for chipping in with some extra software to sweeten the deal.  Thanks much guys!


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Hey Folks --

I'm excited to announce the "Water from a Website?" auction on Train-ee.com. 

The Church Website built as an example site is being auctioned off on eBay -- along with a package of related goods and services worth approximately $9700.  Proceeds will be donated to the charity:water organization.

My goal is to raise $5K to completely fund a fresh-water well for a village somewhere in the developing world, where poor water and sanitation issues underlay so many health and social issues.

Don't need a church website and still want to help out?  Purchase a Train-ee book or screencast during the auction and those dollars will go into the kitty, as well as a portion of any seat in a EE class booked during that same time.

Or just help me promote the auction and get entered to win one of 5 packages of all the books and screencasts currently on Train-ee.  You can promote the event via Twitter (use a #web4water hashtag) or via Train-ee the Facebook Event page.  Other ideas?  Just let me know...

For a personal video from me and full details on the auction please visit http://train-ee.com/auction

It's going to depend on how you've set things up.  I typically don't design top-level nav to be dynamic, but under that everything is.

I certainly never give clients access to the templates - that's just asking for trouble.

Take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to power one section of a website with one weblog and one template, and all clients need  to do to add a page is to publish a new post to the weblog.


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Heh...I contacted Lynda a while back and never heard anything.  Curious to know what their payment model is for contributors. If you prefer the screencast approach over a book then check out Ryan Ireland's http://www.eescreencasts.com

One of the reasons I used a template in both the small business and church series is that the design process is EE-agnostic - so exactly as you mention.

Hi Charles -

Just a quick word of advice. Don't just put the PowerPoint presentation on the web. While it might have decent content visitors to your site won't want to sit through a PPT presentation - they want a web experience, not a presentation.  PPT is serial - they'd have to sit through the slides in the order you've set rather than being able to jump right to the content they want.

Take the time to translate the PowerPoint to web content and a web structure - even if it's a simple one.  Give your users navigation and let them be in charge of their experience - it's what they are used to and expect on the web.


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Just FYI...the entire file upload/file insert/file management is completely revised in EE2. There is also a new "file" field type.


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stevieg_83 wrote:

you again - I feel like I'm stalking you now Mike :-)

Is this another place I need to praise you? ;-)

Well sure...if you feel like it..;)

Congrats on the church site launch.  Reminds me that I want to look into a Showcase on Train-ee for people to promote their sites.

Hey - there ya go!

Got a chuckle out of your screenshots..;)

Thanks Robert - will be in touch.


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Man...just can't hide anywhere anymore...;)  Welcome to the forums...I peek in here a couple of times a week.

Oh...possibly some print design - logo, business cards, postcards etc.  Then there are apps like DonorTools..other membership-related stuff etc.

Hey Folks -

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working to pull a copy of http://church.train-ee.com over to it's own hosting account and prepping it for auction.  The idea is that a church will get the site and proceeds will go to a TBD charity (I'm leaning towards something like http://www.usefulgifts.org/ -- I'd love to be able to benefit a whole community with something like http://www.usefulgifts.org/gift/village-package/).

It occurred to me that a number of people in this community have other church-oriented offerings that might make a good package with an ExpressionEngine based website, so wanted to throw the idea of partnering out there.

In addition to the website, EllisLab is including a license of ExpressionEngine and EngineHosting is going to offer a year of hosting/email.  I'm reasonably sure that the whole deal will be promoted on ExpressionEngine.com, and possibly some of the other EE-related sites as well.

So what say ye - anyone want to pitch in to put a nice package together for a church and get some good promotion out of it at the same time?


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I think so - sounded like Matt just wanted to confirm things with you.

Hey All -

Due to my lateness in deciding to come down for SXSW I don't have accommodations for the whole trip yet.  I'm looking for a place to bunk that Monday night - even if it's just a hotel room floor to crash on for a couple of hours.

Let me know if you know of anything!

Boyink wrote:

I don't expect to be - have fun!

Expect the unexpected - I'll be there...;)

EE would work using the Simple Commerce module -- so long as you don't want to charge a recurring fee and can live with just PP.   The SCM can change member group upon receipt of payment - so once they paid they'd automatically have access to member only content.


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There is a "log me in" extension for EE that essentially allows unregistered visitors to log in via a common user account.  I'd look into that and use the mentioned SAEF and make each submission a post.  That gets you a better editing interface, and allows commenting on each submission.  Plus easy RSS feeds, categories, etc.

It's not altogether unlike my Stories About God site, which runs on EE.

Otherwise you also create a form that sends email to an email account that is checked by the Moblog module, which would then pull it in as a weblog entry.

I don't expect to be - have fun!


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I pretty much embed for two reasons:

1. When the code/content within the embed can be re-used in another template
2. When pulling the code out into an embedded template makes the parent template easier to read/reverse engineer.

Once in a while you'll have to embed something just to get EE to do what you want - but those situations are pretty rare.

Glad you're enjoying it...;)


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I know I've seen some discussion around pulling RSS entries into weblog posts - but can't seem to quickly find it.  I'd suggest a post in the EE forums.


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I'm using EE + repEET on my church site: http://www.mannais.org/index.php/event_calendar/

It's been *ok* - but our church has been small with few events.  We fight with DST issues - some events change as they should, some don't and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

Now our church has grown a bit, has more going on, and has a few different locations.  I'm about ready to start investigating alternatives and will probably just go with the Google calendar approach.  Matching styles are great and all, but something that just works will be so much better...;)

Keep in mind - EE's calendaring comes from it's weblog background.  The large calendar is just a bigger version of the  little sidebar calendars that weblogs had so often - showing you active days for when you posted.  It was never really intended to be a full-blown event calendar.

Well, first if you want to use a variable to hold your template group name then you need to set the value to the actual name of the template group:


But if it were me I'd remove that bit of complexity and just do:

<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' media='screen' href='{stylesheet=extreme/stylesheet}' />

IMHO the template variables are of limited usefulness in most cases - unless you need to use that value over and over a number of times - or if you need to copy/paste that template to use in another template group and want to quickly change the template group variable in just one spot.  Otherwise I think they make the code harder to reverse engineer, and a good text editor with find and replace makes quick work of a change anyway.